Random Thoughts – 06/05/2017

Falcons need defensive leadership, Hawks fans cannot be expected to wait 7 to 8 yearsCoppy wasn’t ready for tough questions, and annual disconnect week in this edition of “Kincade’s Random Thoughts”!


Atlanta Falcons’ Devonta Freeman. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

We are a compassionate people. Even when it comes to millionaires we obsess on if they are being paid fairly. Davonta Freeman

wants a new contract, but the Falcons could use a little defensive leadership instead. Dwight Freeney is the guy that they need and Tak McKinley needs.

Lost in the excitement over the Falcons young defensive players rocking out down the stretch is the fact this defense looks too young to me. I want a little veteran guidance. If Freeney wants to come back, pay him a reasonable amount. I would not pay Freeman if it meant you couldn’t have a guy like Freeney back. 


New Atlanta Hawks GM Travis Schlenk. (Photo: NBA)

Travis Schlenk looks like a solid hire to me. I just have an issue with his time frames. When explaining that it took 7 years to build the Warriors I thought about this market. They need to understand that progress will be celebrated, but never has this town given anything 7 years to arrive. 

Coming off a 60 win season that lead to 48 and then 43, Schlenk believes he is in a much better situation here. Personally I would call the Property Brothers and let them gut the place. The man was just being honest, but Atlanta can’t wait 7 weeks, let alone 7 months or years! 


Atlanta Braves assistant general manager and director of pro scouting John Coppolella. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Chuck and Chernoff had an eye opening interview with John Coppolella on Friday. He clearly stumbled through some questions that could have been given shorter, direct answers. I sensed an annoyance with some of the questions and he even questioned their fairness.

Atlanta executives are in a one paper town and this city hardly has a ruthless sports media. Questions like that can either be side stepped or answered. As expectations rise, questions get tougher. 


Is it hard to turn off the electronics HERE?

Once a year, one week out of 52 I have a cleansing of the mind. A sojourn to the beach for a week of rest and relaxation is my favorite time on the calendar. I combine that with a week away from social media and almost no contact with the internet. My life is all the better for it. What about you?

I am required to do social media in my career. Are you? Could you distance yourself from tweeting, facebooking and the latest shot of what you are eating for an entire week? Let me try and convince you of the benefits. 

  • My head feels lighter. I can’t truly understand why, but I feel more alert and my brain feels far less busy.
  • I’m connected, with my family and with the amazing beauty that surrounds you at the ocean.
  • It makes me understand what I have to say is truly not that important. Sure, it’s my job back home, but the world continues just fine without my 140 characters of insight.

Try it this year. Leave the cell phone back in the room if you can. Don’t run for your device as soon as you get back from the pool. No tweeting, texting, internet for an entire week. I hear from listeners who have tried it and they always say it will be their new tradition. I promise that everything will be there when you get back. 


Thank you for keeping me as the top Twitter follow in Atlanta sports radio. I’ll be quiet from late on the 10th till late on the 17th, but it will resume the fun afterwards. Follow along @johnkincade


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