KSU Football: A Needed Rebound Win

Kennesaw State Owls: 49
Point Skyhawks: 3

ks_monogram_fcEven FCS schools have get right games. The Point Skyhawks were the get right game for the Owls who won handedly 49-3. The Owls needed a rebound win after falling to ETSU in 2OTs in the season opener but getting beat in the final tally wasn’t the worst of it, the Owls ended up losing big pieces on the offensive side. Jake McKenzie and Trey White both couldn’t finish the game due to injuries.

Moving into this past week vs Point the Owls were without 4 starters most notably QB Trey White who suffered a hip injury vs. ETSU. Chandler Burks, who is the answer to the trivia question of “Who is the first player to sign with Kennesaw State?” got the nod in the matchup.

Burks found Justin Sumpter early and often in the passing game to the tune of 2 TDs in the first 5 minutes of the game. Notably Burks executed the Triple Option in a way that the Owls haven’t operated it since Monmouth or Coastal Carolina last year. The execution of the option was highlighted by a 51yd TD run by Burks in the 2nd Quarter.   With starting Backs Jake McKenzie (Ribs) and Myles White (concussion), Micah Reed filled in and rushed for 77 yards and a touchdown. The Owls offense just looked super crisp and dare I say unstoppable.

With concessions made to the level and caliber of opponent the Owls did everything that this game is supposed to on both the FBS and FCS level. Execute the gameplan, win the ball game (something that isn’t always a given), stay healthy and get younger guys some time. The passing attack from Burks who finished with 82 yards passing and those 2 TDs kept the passing game as a viable threat. Redshirt Freshman Daniel David showed why coaches are super high on him as he learns the offense with 61 yards on the ground and 31 more through the air along with a TD.

The Owls also let loose a new weapon on Special Teams in true Freshman Bronson Rechsteiner, who blew up Point Returner Ricardo Sloan. If you say his last name and were a fan of World Championship Wrestling back in the day, it should ring a bell. He is the son of Rick Steiner and nephew of Scott Steiner. An Etowah High grad, Rechstenier has been noted for his level of intensity. “One notch with him, he is always hyped; 6 in the morning, 9 and night.” is how fellow Linebacker Izzy Sam describes the Freshman. Between his teammates and coaches they are expecting big things from Rechstenier in his time with the Owls.

Also noted in the postgame presser Coach Bohannon said that the expects all the starters back after the bye week when the Owls travel to take on Duquesne with the only exception may being Trey White. If that is the case Chandler Burks will get his second career start. With another good performance from the R-Sophomore there could be a conversation to be had about who leads the Owls moving forward.

NEXT UP: BYE Week; at Duquesne 1-1 (0-0; Northeast Conference FCS) 9/24

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