Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs Make Positive First Impression

Kirby Smart (AP Photo)

Kirby did it! Coach Smart got a big win, in his head coaching debut and he looked good doing it. I’d say that was a positive first impression. Exactly the boost he and the program needed! The Bulldog fans should treasure this one.

Nick Chubb’s return was nothing short of amazing.

Jacob Eason got to play early and he flashed some serious talent, as he helped the team win.

The defense ‘Hunkered Down’, allowing only 17 points to a high-powered, up-tempo offense.

And Kirby Smart’s game day leadership was impressive!

Yes, all those big recruits were tuning in to see how it would unfold. All the college football analysts were checking this one out; anxious to see how Kirby would handle himself. The Georgia fan base had waited on this game for months. Outsiders and insiders were all curious.

The best I can tell Kirby delivered. His energy on the sideline is unmatched. He’s coaching the players tough, but most of the time in a positive way. The Bulldogs looked well-coached. When they got down by 10 points in the 3rd quarter, this team never flinched. This was a positive first impression!

Smart and Chaney handled the quarterback situation successfully. Lambert got the start and the finish, because he has a complete command of the offense and can effectively manage the game. Eason got in early, played a lot and flashed his talent. But like a lot of other players, Jacob has a lot to get cleaned up, before he’s handed the keys.

Kirby obviously wants him to earn the job (the players are watching closely). Smart could be a little concerned about the “too much, too soon” scenario, where the player believes he has arrived and is not as motivated.

Eason’s footwork needs to get cleaned up. He also has to play faster pre-snap (get play called quickly and accurately). And also, he has to master the Run-Pass-Option audible situations better. Again, this is a process. So, be patient. He’ll play a lot in the coming weeks.

My biggest concern is the LOS: The line of scrimmage play, on both sides of the ball. IT’s not real physical.

Catalina and Gaillard were sliding off a lot of blocks, on the O-Line. On the D-Line, Rocker is playing a lot of underclassmen. That doesn’t look good against Mizzou, Ole Miss and Tennessee, who loom just down the road.

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