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2016 ~ What A Year!

Over the Christmas break, the boyfriend and I started listing the best parts of the past year.  It was a great way to force ourselves to remember the good stuff…. So that’s what we did, and…


1} Watching FSU beat Florida , with my dad!

2} Carpool Karaoke

3} Celebrating mom’s milestone birthday

4} Gwen Stefani concert

5} 4th of July at Kiawah Island with boyfriend’s family

6} Brothers Osborne at Variety Playhouse

7} Gio’s chicken… all day…every day

8} My new favorite show  “THIS IS US”

9} Meeting Andy Cohen..yes, of the housewives

10} Learning that our new offices at 680 are at Suntrust Park

I challenge you to do this “GRATEFUL 2016 QUIZ” for yourself!

Enjoy…now let’s make some great memories for 2017… like a Falcons run to the Super Bowl!!

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Let’s Remember Others For Christmas

Know of a family in need?

If you listen to our show, “THE FRONT ROW”, you know I’m always talking about the fantastic group of girlfriends I have in my life.  We often “lunch”… Last year, we decided instead of exchanging gifts, we would adopt a local family that needs some help.   Thus, the LADIES WHO LUNCH CHRISTMAS FUND.

sandra-xmasThis year, we’re doing it again.

If you know of a family that could use some MERRY AND BRIGHT, please email me at

We would like to adopt the family, and try our best to make sure they have a Merry Christmas.

Last year, we learned of a single mother, 4 kids, local teacher, that had her house burn down. They lost everything….. It brought us so much joy to help this loving family.

Please let me know if you know of someone/family that we can help.  Hope this inspires you to be an angel on earth this Christmas too.

Trust me, it feels good…


– Sandra Golden
Co-Host of “The Front Row”
680 The Fan
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Sandra’s Golden Moments

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jon Lester throws during the first inning of Game 5 of the National League baseball championship series against the Los Angeles Dodgers Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)
Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

The Cubs winning the world series was perfection.  I’m a big David Ross fan, he’s originally from Tallahassee , his only flaw, went to the Univ. of Fla.  Think about this…in game 7 of the WS, David Ross hit a home run, he becomes the oldest player at 39 years old to hit a HR in a winner take all game in MLB history.

Joe Maddon has now taken both the Rays and the Cubs to the World Series.  That’s all that needs to be said for thinking outside the box.  Also he loves wine. Hates meetings.

He had t-shirts printed at spring training that said “TRY NOT TO SUCK”.  HILARIOUS!

I’m happy for Mike Johnson.  He has been a cubs fan for his whole life.

Baseball looked fun again.

From Rizzo to Bryant, from Heyward to Ross, they all were having a blast.

Note to baseball, remember it’s a game.  Supposed to be fun…. doesn’t seem that hard.

I’m watching the cast of characters on the Fallon, Kimmel, & ellen shows.  Dexter Fowler is a hoot.  He has a huge personality, great comic timing, and a smile made for Hollywood.

Each one of the players are so grateful to be on the shows.

Ride the wave!!

Great reminder to all of us! Just enjoy the ride…

and as Joe Maddon says: “TRY NOT TO SUCK!”

Photos of the NEW 680 The Fan Studios!

Drop in and take a look at the NEW Home of 680 The Fan with “The Front Row” Host, Sandra Golden.


Jeff Francoeur small

I enjoy college football more than the NFL.  There I said it.  College Gameday is the best sports event show on the tube.  It ain’t even a debate.

Getting a mammogram next Wednesday.  I bring it up, because you should remind the ladies in your life to get checked! Ladies, remind a friend.  I think October is going by way too fast.


Falcons won’t collapse like they did last year. Playoffs are in the mix.

I miss the NHL.  I’m going to travel to Nashville this year to see a couple games.  Absolutely awful that Atlanta doesn’t have a team! Boooooo….







I’m really pulling for Dwight Howard to kick ass this year.  He’s really nice.

Dak Prescott is my favorite story in the NFL.  Did you know that he texts his mom before each game to tell her how he feels.  Did you know that his mom died in Dec of 2013. He wears the number 4 in her honor, her bday was Sept 4.

Can’t wait for SunTrust park to open!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I look forward to cooking with my parents each year.  Thankful for them, mom is 80, dad is 83.  They’re the best people I know.

I am going to rescue a kitty cat in 2017.

Have a fabulous day! Be kind!

So Long, Turner Field…

Turner Field ( John Amis/AP Photo)

I spent my Sunday going through pictures from my days covering the Braves for Fox Sports South. I was hired in 1997 to mostly cover the ACC, but my side gig was the Braves when the main reporter wasn’t available.

By 2000, my boss, Steve Craddock, hired me full time to be the Braves reporter. This meant travel with the team for every WEdnesday broadcast. We stayed at the team hotel, hit all the big ballparks, and worked very closely with America’s team.

It was a family.

I got all teary eyed clicking through the pictures . Wow, what great people. I was so lucky to be a part of that era.

I was with Chipper for his first spring training in West Palm Beach in ’96….

Denny Neagle, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux { wellll…he wasn’t the friendliest…ha } John Smoltz, Vinny Castilla, Gary Sheffield…. I could go on.

I always liked Turner Field. I never really cared that it was tough to get to , I was mostly working so I arrived early and left late.

I really liked the people working there. Like I said, it’s a ‘Braves Family ‘ thing.

Friday night, I was watching the Braves game on Tv, when Dale Murphy was tearing down the 3.

Waterworks! Started to cry.

It’s another chapter in the baseball books.

I’m very excited for Sun Trust park. Hoping to be at 680 for a few more years, if they’ll have me, which means I continue to cover this team.

Life’s about new adventures.

Bring it, SunTrust Park.

And thanks for the memories from the Ted.

How lovely it was.


Hug a teacher…they DESERVE it!

keep-calm-and-hug-your-teacher-1“WHY, YES…. YES, YOU CAN”

That’s what one of my favorite teachers said to me , all the time… I mean every day, every lesson.

Mr. Ray Wishart taught at my high school for 40 years.  He just retired in May.  He first taught drafting, and then shop.

He was my junior class sponsor.  1982 was the year I really got to know Mr. Wishart.

He was a hippy.  He had a beard, long hair, wore flannel shirts…he was the cool teacher.

At that time, I was 16 , he was just 29.

One of the younger teachers at my school.

He was so positive about EVERYTHING!  I mean from, should we paint the parking lot? To, of course we’re going to win the state championship in football.  He didn’t speak the negative.

Teachers come in and out of our lives. Chances are you can name all your teachers beginning in 1st grade… I can, and I”m a dork, I know.

But, Mr. Wishart made an impact on my life… my whole life.

I know I should call him Ray, but he will always be the teacher that changed the game.  He would organize trips, he would design a t shirt to sell for fundraising.  He would build the homecoming floats. He would ruffle feathers at the school board.  He would be a big proponent of kids learning in a unique and entertaining way.

He wanted to start a photography class at Mosley High school, and finally got it done.  He started the video / tv program there, too. DTV has helped a bunch of us dolphins move on to careers in TV / Radio.

I’ll never forget when I was a senior, and I was doing the morning announcements.  He came by the office, and gave me a quick critique.

“You have a great voice for this…slow down…and talk to us, like you don’t have it written down”.

I can still hear that in my head when I reading the sports updates.

Ray paved the road for so many… He started a class at his church called ‘PUB THEOLOGY” , because ‘ we all like a beer”.  Those classes were standing room only.

He was a devout christian, a great husband of 39 years, father of two, grandfather of one.

He died this past Monday.

“Wish” loved to ride his bike.  He did long trips, short trips, you name it.

On the very first Monday of his retirement, he was biking in his neighborhood in Lynn Haven Florida, and was hit by a truck.

He died at the hospital later.

I am still broken hearted over the tragedy.  Why??? Ray??? Know we’re not supposed to ask those questions, but all I can figure is that he really worked overtime for the better here on earth.

I’m so thankful that I had a chance to tell him how he helped me, how he motivated me, how he made me laugh, and that I thought he was really cool.

I’m writing this to challenge you to tell your favorite coach, teacher, mentor how they’ve changed your life for the better.

Teachers and coaches have such a huge impact on young people’s lives.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, showed up at the Wish celebration of life at our high school gym.  Most were wearing pink tye dye shirts. Most brought their favorite photograph that he had taught them to take. Most were crying…. most were laughing.

The kids that spoke at the ceremony were poised and brilliant.  Applause , applause, Mr.Wishart.  Know you were proud….

You are missed….

– Sandra Golden 
“The Front Row”
680The Fan

NBC….Bless Your Olympic Heart

I’ve tried to watch the Olympics.  I really have.

I got through the opening ceremonies, only changing the channel back to Everybody Loves Raymond twice.  (Yes, it’s on TV Land)

Even that was too long…….

NBC-Fail-2But the coverage of the event that I was interested in, the women’s gymastics is a complete and total fail.

I know, NBC, you paid $1.2 billion dollars for the rights to the broadcast, but 5 commercial breaks in the first five minutes of the opening ceremony.  What a precedent to set!

The opening ceremonies were down by 30% . That’s massive.  And you know who’s not watching…everyone..Not just women, not just men. Everyone.

Found a great article I want you to read… Definitely sums up the problems.

And it’s from the UK: CLICK HERE

Now I just feel , 9 days in, that the Olympics is too long.  I’ve never felt like that before.

What a shame, NBC

And now for a commercial break…


Dwight Howard (AP Photo:Jason DeCrow)
Dwight Howard (AP Photo:Jason DeCrow)

John Kincade brought something up to me on Wednesday, he asked me if I believe people when they tell me something… Do you buy in?

The answer is a big, fat YES!

I was just listening to Dwight Howard on with Buck/Kincade .  I am 100% buying what he’s selling.

He’s back home.

He’s comfortable with where he is mentally.

He feels great physically.

Loves Paul Milsap.

Yea!!!!!!!!  I’m telling ya, I’m gonna get the Dwight Howard jersey!

Years ago, Hometeam and I hosted a show for CSS on TV, called HAWK TALK.

I met Dwight Howard , interviewed him, and really liked him.

He’s got a million dollar smile, looks you right in the eye when he’s talking to you.

He was signing autographs for hundreds of people, went out of his way to be nice to kids.

I mean….What’s not to like?

But then I remembered… I do this.

I believe people when they tell me something.

I’ve been fooled before.

Steven Jackson comes to mind.

But again, he was in studio, saying all the right things….

I”M IN! .

Is that a terrible trait? probably…. But it was interesting to hear that John Kincade does it too.  He believes.

Yep, mr cynical, believes it too.

I don’t feel so gullible now.

Gotta go get that jersey… #8, Dwight Howard!

He’s home…..

Because his bike was stolen…..

Cassius Clay 12 years old
Cassius Clay – 12 Yrs. Old Photo: Source Unknown

The  12 year old boy was upset . Really upset.

His bike had just been stolen, and the young man’s dad was trying to console his son.

A policeman approached, overheard the commotion, and then witnessed the youngster threatening harm if he ever found the thief who took the bike.


The police officer was also a boxing coach.

The 12 year old was Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.

The 12 year old was Muhammad Ali.


The rest is history, except I had never read about the history until Ali died on Saturday.

I’ll sum it up…. Clay took the advice of the boxing coach and took up boxing.  He was 100-5 as an amateur. Fast Forward to gold medals in the olympics. Fast Forward to the greatest fighter of all time.


I wasn’t allowed to watch boxing when I was little. Mom said it was too violent, but I was obsessed with watching the news from 5 years old on.  That’s when I discovered this Muhammad Ali & Howard Cosell.  It was fascinating to watch.

Ali and Cosell would dance.

The waltz of words was captivating.


My father tells me stories of Muhammad Ali.  He was Cassius Clay to my dad.

My grandad would take my dad and uncle over to the gym in MIami Beach once a week to watch the guys train.  My grandpa was friends with Angelo Dundee.

Dad remembers Cassius Clay.  How cool is that?


But, I admit, I don’t have any lasting memory of Ali.  I thought when he lit the torch at the olympics, that it was really cool. But, that’s about where the knowledge ends.


I think the story of a little boy getting his bike stolen, and having a natural instinct for fighting is pretty cool too.


I have found myself reading so much about Ali over the past 48 hours.  Alot of people didn’t like him.  He was too outspoken for their likes.


I read from Ali’s memoir about how he wanted to be remembered…. I’m going to do as he said….I’m gonna remember how pretty he was.



Muhammad Ali – Photo: AP