680 The Fan for the iPhone

Listen to the station live, check out all the 680 The Fan shows, The Rude Awakening, Chuck and Chernoff, and Buck and Kincade, all the show blogs, podcasts, call the station or visit the website without leaving the app!

The 680 The Fan iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Application can be downloaded for free in the App Store in iTunes. Simply CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD or open up iTunes and type "680 The Fan" in the search bar in the upper right... the app's icon will be listed at the bottom of the search results page under "Applications"...


Will the app work on my iPad?

Sure will! The 680 The Fan App has been tested on the new iPad and works wonderfully. Unless Apple makes any big changes between now and the release date. We will of course, make adjustments and get an update out within a few days of that launch.


What if I need technical support or have technical questions?

The technical support email address is webmaster@680thefan.com.

Can I listen to MLB or Braves games on my iPhone?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to stream the Atlanta Braves play by play, you can purchase the iPhone At Bat App by going to the App Store on your iPhone.