Local Business Partnership Opportunities With the Atlanta Braves

With baseball season soon upon us, the Atlanta Braves and SunTrust Park will awaken with new activities for fans, and new opportunities for small business to partner with the Braves! Stacey and Cassius welcome Sabrina Jenkins, to talk about how a team up with America’s Team can benefit local businesses!

Small Business Opportunities For the Superbowl Or Other Large Events

Stacey and Cassius take an in-depth look at the opportunities small businesses will be able to take advantage of when the Superbowl comes to Atlanta. Learn about special contracts, learn how to get the contact information for making bids, and more!

Let’s Talk Small Business – Georgia as a small business state

We’re relaunching “Let’s Talk Small Business” on 680 The Fan and couldn’t be more excited! Join Stacey Key and her co-host Cassius Butts and get reacquainted and take a look at the state of Georgia to see if it is a friendly environment for the small business entrepreneur.