Falcons Coach Search

Jan 12, 2015 -- 5:24pm

 Do you think Rex Ryan picked Buffalo ahead of Atlanta? Cause that speaks so loudly I think!

For those that have lived in western NY and been to Buffalo, does this make sense? I wouldn't leave Atlanta to move there for almost any reason other than maybe MY WIFE or if you are single...(insert super model) .... It's a dreadful place. What does that say about the state of affairs here. We are building a new, $1.4 billion dollar stadium, have a pro bowl QB, a very desirable city, etc etc. and Rex Ryan of all freaking people says I'd rather coach in Buffalo ..... What in the world? 

The next Falcons coach will most likely be a rookie head coach and frankly I'm excited to see what happens next!

My choices at this point would be Todd Bowles or Teryl Austin but nobody asked me and that's the way it should be. Good luck Falcons, let's right this ship and get back to winning football! 


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When a man loves a woman

Sep 10, 2014 -- 4:10pm

I could not imagine that a man who loved a women could ever do what Ray Rice did, that is why I questioned the original scene. Having watched the video in the elevator I am disgusted and amazed. This is not something I grew up around and it blows my mind that a man would do that to a woman. The other thing that is horrible was the way he reacted when it happend with no concern or reaction to the well being of the women and mother of his child that he supposed to love. After seeing that reaction and her reaction of the situation it seems clear this is not the first time this has happened between them. Tragic!!!  This is a thought from a mother, wife, and daughter that resonated with me, "If for some crazy reason he is back I the league he should have to play without a helmet so he can get beat in the head the same way he beat his wife!!! 

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Wear a Helmet!!!

Jul 03, 2013 -- 12:14pm
I just got a text message from a good friend of mine, he told me his son is in the hospital with a head injury. Very sad and devastating news, just awful!! I didn't even ask if the boy, 17 years old, was wearing a helmet. I assume he was not.(He wasn't) There was a time when wearing a helmet to skate board, ride bikes, or roller blade was lame and a sign of weakness. Well, after losing a brother-in-law to a skate boarding accident a few years ago and now another friend with possible brain damage and a life of uncertainty, maybe I can help sway a few parents out there to put helmets on their kids.  We as parents have to force our kids to wear helmets when they do these activities,it's like shooting free throws like Larry Bird, catching passes like Tony G before practice and brushing your teeth at night, it needs to become a habit. It needs to become something you do over and over again until you no longer have to think about it, you just do it !! It starts with us as parents, we have to show our children that it is cool and it is the only way, put a helmet on your kids from day 1 and make them understand the importance of wearing a helmet. I cannot hear another story about a young life being ruined or changed because he or she was not wearing a helmet. 
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May 15, 2013 -- 11:48am



It is a problem. And it has been for a while. It’s hard to test for because you need a blood test and that's tough to get through CBA. I think when steroid testing took the lime light guys turned to HGH attempting not to lose any gains they may have made while on steroids. HGH can have irreversible side effects, it seems pretty innocent because at low doses it can have some good anti-aging type effects. But do you think these guys using HGH are doing it in LOW doses? The amounts these guys are pushing can cause some serious problems.


This is from a person with knowledge of the HGH and NFL, “As far as HGH goes I think the name of the game is bigger, faster, and stronger and HGH obviously gives you that advantage. Your body does produce less HGH as you age. I feel in my time there were players taking it because testing for synthetic HGH was not common at that time.” Taking HGH can just exacerbate your aches and pains after football. Your body is what makes your living in the NFL. Is it worth the risk, I say NO!!Because without more research, I think the risks outweigh the rewards. In my opinion, many players in the NFL feel it is worth the risk and they are taking some levels of HGH. The NFL and the NFLPA need to come to terms on this issue and start testing now!

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When is it too much?

Mar 04, 2013 -- 11:30am

We have seen how monster contracts in the NBA and MLB have crippled teams. Joe Johnson with the Hawks, A-Rod and the Yankees, I can list more but I think you get the point. When these players account for massive percentages of the teams salary cap it hinders what you can do as far as building the team around that player. Is the NFL starting to become more and more like the NBA and MLB??? I hope not, but Joe Flacco just received a $120.6 million deal. Now, with signing bonuses, roster bonuses and and garaunteed money the numbers can be deferred throughout the term of the contract. When 2016 comes aroound Flacco will acoount for 22% of Baltimore's cap,$29million, there is no way they can go into that season with him taking up that much of the pie, or can they? We will see what the Ravens do down the road and how they address this issue. Will the Falcons follow suit, will the Packers follow as well, when is it too much??

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You Make The Call

Feb 04, 2013 -- 6:12pm


We had a conversation on the show today about kids playing football. Ray said he is going to be thought of as a bad parent because he allows his son to play this physical game. I am of the thinking that young kids (under 10 years old) should not play tackle football. If your child plays before 10 years of age, is that a bad thing? NO, it’s a you thing! You have to determine as a parent when your kids play football or any sports for that matter. As long as your child is enjoying the game, as long as you as a parent are involved and as long as the proper technique is taught, then have at it. 

With all that said my oldest son is 18 and he didn’t play until he was 12. My two young boys are 9 and 11 and they are asking to play, and have been asking for the last few years. They both have played baseball, soccer, basketball, wrestled, ran track, done swim team and played flag football. I think they are ready to give this tackle football thing a go! Furthermore I can’t keep telling them maybe next year. So we are going to give it a shot!! I am still a little reluctant, but they really want to play. I will be an assistant coach, I will be on the field helping out and I will make sure that things are done the right way, with sound technique and solid fundamentals. I am looking forward to how they do, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Football is a tough sport and summer workouts are down right miserable. Football teaches kids about teamwork, sacrifice and dedication every time you step on the field. Football has helped shape me into the man I am today and I am proud of that. My mom did not let me play until High School because she said I was too skinny and that I was going to get hurt. It worked out well for me. 

Whatever your decision as a parent with kids in athletics, make sure your kids are having fun and learning about life along the way. Learning about winning, losing, sportsmanship, disappointment, friendship, teamwork, leadership, dedication, and hard work. Enjoy the games!!

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