Fathers Day Gift Giving Guide! (you're welcome ;)

Jun 10, 2014 -- 4:47pm
Here's my first ever {but going to do it annually ;) }
Gift Giving Guide for dad!  
Stumbled up on BIRDIEBOX.COM
You can custom the box (Bubba Watson is part of it) and they send a box full of golf stuff... it's really cute, too! Starts at $75 and you can go from there. 
Speaking of Golf...Top Golf in Alpharetta is unbelievable!  Great night out, private course for guy/buddies.. great food, and you can hit golf balls til you can't swing anymore.  Go get a gift card! 
Spa Sydell has a ton of 'BAD BOY " gift packages.  You can choose one of them, or keep it simple and get a 90 min massage! 7 locations, I love spa sydell...   spasydell.com
( Big Burgundy Gift Certificate, it's very nicelooking!}
At Solomon Brothers... they have a $150 gift card toward a watch priced $500 or up.  They have the Techno Marine watches that are so nice!  Prices start at $290, but the play here is the $620 chronograph, then take advantage of the $150 off. 
They also have the Tacori cuff links, that I'm obsessed with!  Turquoise my fav!But they have black onyx, etc.  They're pricey, but you're dad's pretty great, right? 
Also, I would set up a dinner , maybe with his guy friends.  Call other wives, buy gift cards to say Davio's ,Dantanna's,  NY Prime, and take care of the 'GUYS NIGHT OUT! Get a $100 gift card, and he'll be thrilled. 
Very hot right now, are the bright colored, printed sox.  He will resist at first , but they've got a ton of them at Nordstrom Rack ( I was just there ) and they start at $7.99.  Great gift from kids!   You wear them with suits, Yes! Suits. 
Sports pkgs are great, too! 
Go get a cool Braves T shirt, then set up a family outting to future Braves game!  
Dollar Shave Club is awesome on line!  They send new razors, and cool shaving creams, candles, books, etc... Very affordable!! 
It's dollarshaveclub.com
Rick Reilly's new book "Tiger, Meet My Sister...: And Other Things I Probably Shouldn't Have Said" is fantastic.  It's a compilation of the best columns from the last five years.  It's on Amazon, also , at Target, and Bookstores everywhere! 
**Hope that helps! 

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