Are you always like this?

Jun 02, 2014 -- 6:33pm
I usually arrive at the 680 offices between 8-8;30 each day.  
Good Morning! 
I smile, usually chatting with someone, making a joke, usually louder than I should be. 
Jeff Dauler from q100 asked me, ' ARE YOU ALWAYS LIKE THIS".
What , in a good mood?
 I responded... 
Usually.  Not always.... But usually. 
Last week I read the book ENERGY BUS, by Jon Gordon.  Falcons head coach Mike Smith makes this a must read for the new rookies, then he brings in Gordon in August to speak to the team 
It's a really, quick easy read.  I recommend it. 
It reminded me about being happy and high energy.  It reminded me to be grateful and kind to others.  It reminded NOT to let folks that are negative and narrow minded bring me down. 
I have certainly been through my share of bad times.  A very tough divorce, losing jobs, putting my cat down last year, my grandmother passing.....but, at each tough turn, after the tears, I'm ok. 
Not only ok, but I refuse to let the Energy Vampires around me bring me down. ( book reference, i'm telling you, you'll love the book! )
So, Jeff Dauler , tweeted on Friday, " you know that person in the office that is always smiling, and says good morning, @sportsandra is that person".
Made my day! What a nice thing that someone would say about me.  That I'm always happy. 
I certainly am today. 

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