Nothing to look at , move along.

May 14, 2014 -- 9:59am
Just finished watching Michael Sam at his first press conference with the St. Louis Rams.  Nothing to see here..... move along.  They're talking football. 
A standing room only crowd was there are Jeff Fisher, Les Snead , and Michael Sam took questions.
Most were about Sam, to Sam. 
The SEC co defensive player of the year was flawless.  No matter the question, no matter the tone, he redirected the answer to football.
I know everyone is curious as to how this is going to work, the first openly gay football player in an NFL lockerroom.  
Ask Missouri how it worked.  The majority of Mizzou's football team knew about Michael's sexuality.  It wasn't a factor. 
As the Tigers won the SEC East, and competed for a Conference title.
Michael had 10 1/2 Sacks and 18 tackles for loss.  Teams would have to game plan for him.  He was that good at Missouri.
After the presser was over, the ESPN cameras panned over to the group picture of all the rookies.  No one was avoiding Michael, no one was treating him difference, no one was awkward.
What I watched was a football player being introduced to the world at his rookie press conference. That's all. 
That's it.

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