I love Twitter! Sorry , I'm not sorry!

Apr 22, 2014 -- 9:25pm
I love twitter.
I get a real pleasure out of game tweeting.  You know, you sit down in front of the telly, and have the iPhone next to ya.  
Listeners are responding, tweeting facts, cheering our Braves on, criticizing, cursing, 
The point being, there's a new found way to watch games on TV with the Twitter world.
We have a connection.
If you're not an active participant, you should have never started to read this blog.  I'm telling you, I find joy in hearing from you on twitter.  I do feel like we're all watching together.
( get a life, Sandra Golden... I can hear you .... )
But when I talk to peeps at the station the morning after... or from Players who are paying attn to the twitterworld.... they feel it too.
Radio is one way we all connect...this keyboard...wait excuse me, I still use a keyboard..... 
This ipad, iPhone...is another.
Siri appreciates the twitter connection.
So do i.

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