We're number 1!

Jan 07, 2014 -- 5:44pm
For the first time, I sat on my couch, by myself, and watched my school win a National Championship.
I was in attendance for the last two...that was sweet.
But last night, well, that was special.
I indulged in all the pre game festivities, watched every second of every prediction.
Called my dad twice, who is a BIG FSU FELLA, and settled in for the Megacast by ESPN>
I'll get to that in a second (overkill!! )
I wasn't nervous nuts, like Jason Cofar. He takes meds/cigarettes for his college football habit with Alabama.  I was nervous excited. 
College football, cheering for the Noles has a bigger meaning for me.  
The first is with my father.  As long as I can remember, we were NOLES.  My dad and I have gone to bowl games, home games, away games, and Championship games. 
It has been a common bond between father and daughter. 
The second meaning to me is a family of Tallahassee.  A brotherhood/sisterhood in the Seminole Nation.  The garnet/gold sticker on  your car, unites! 
It's really something.
So, back to the game.... I talked to my dad when it was 21-3, he reassured me that Jameis would be ok.  
We talked at halftime, and he told me he had shifted the Karma.  He shaved at halftime. 
Yep, he said, I just shaved, and you'll see, they're going to win.
Well, you saw what happened. 
After the game, i was in tears.  I was wishing I was there but also enjoyed every second of the TV coverage.  The analysis, the Tebow cutaways, the Coaches predicting the Fake punt.
I do think ESPN is out-thinking themselves.  Just give us the great drama ON the field.  I don't need the drama, off the field.
Bobby Bowden came on this morning.  That was the icing on the championship cake.  
The baton has been passed. Bowden to Fisher.  And the crown looks good again on Tallahassee's head. 

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