Little Acts of Kindness

Dec 12, 2013 -- 2:54pm
I was inspired today after watching Zach Randolph do a good deed.  
Google the video of the Memphis grizzlie star as he caught the eye of a special needs little boy.  
The little boy wanted Zach's jersey.... so middle of the game, Zach is on the bench...Doesn't wait for a time out, just mid game, gets up, goes over to where the little fella is sitting , takes off his warmup , and hands it over to the star struck child!
We have a winner.
This little gesture made me cry.  So many times in life, it's the little things that make the big difference.  I'm going to vow to do more of the little things to make people happy.  LIttle acts of kindness.
My dad turned 80 yesterday.  He's been married to my mom for 58 years.  He's been such a dependable, thoughtful father to me and my sister. 
Great advice, tough on us, a check to get us through the tough times, and a sidekick with me through the years cheering for FSU! 
What a great guy. 
I'm so lucky that both he and my mom are alive.  Both parents still up and at em! 
This Christmas, I'm able to go home for 4 days and spend time with them. That is the greatest gift of all, and I'm thankful for the time. 
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, to you all.

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