What are you THANKFUL FOR?

Nov 24, 2013 -- 7:33pm

Happy Thanksgiving~

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.

My mom , stillllllllll , makes the most perfect turkey. My grandmother's dressing ( how dare you call it Stuffing?) is legendary.

My memories of Panama City at the No Name on Wednesday night still make me smile. ( IN fact i'm going there in three days. )

But, at the very heart of the holiday is THANKS!


I am thankful for my parents , who still are the very heart and soul of who I am. Growing up, I didnt' know that every other kid didn't have the support system that I had.

My mom/dad always said' well of course you can". If I were offering up parental advice, give your kids the gift of confidence~ it will pay unlimited dividends.

My sister is the coolest chick I know. She's been a risk taker, while I have sat by and wished I could do something outside the lines.

I am thankful for a wonderful boyfriend. He treats me like a queen, and respects me. He is a grown up. He makes me better. I never thought I could have such a loving, mature relationship after my divorce.

I am thankful for my cat, Simba, living for 18 years. The day I had to send him to kitty heaven, is still the worst day of 2013, and it's not close (october 16, 2013)

I love my job. I am thankful for Double D. and I am love my teammates. I feel respected, I feel inspired when I am at 680,

I am thankful for the lady at Kroger on Thursdays. She is a greeter, and she is probably mid 80's. She asks me every single time, How's your mom? How's your cat? How's FSU doing?

I love that she always has a smile on her face, and I love that she dresses soooo cute!

She even told me a dirty joke or two.

I am thankful for my extraordinary group of friends . When I say extraordinary, I mean...... the most fantastic group of women and men that are supportive, successful, built on strength and morals, and I want to be like them when I grow up.

I am thankful for my beach trip each year, when I get to sit on the sugar white sands of the panhandle and toast the coast~

I am thankful I live in Atlanta. I love my tiny apartment , bc it forced me to rethink my life post divorce,simplify and be better.

I love the restaurants here. I love the shopping.

I am thankful for people that still say thank you and excuse me.

Manners are still sexy!

I am thankful for "your" children. My friends have raised great kids. That is a true testament to parenting. I don't know how you all pull it off.

I am thankful for my God,for all of this. I am thankful that I believe in prayer.

5 years ago, my marriage fell apart, and I couldn't see a happy ending.

Now , I am thankful for life's detours, and for being able to put trouble in the rearview mirror.

No regrets! Best life ever.

and for that, I am thankful~


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