Teachable Moments from the Mannings and Mark Richt

Sep 29, 2013 -- 10:35am

Great moments about sports that's not about sports...

If you haven't seen the BOOK OF MANNING...find it on your On Demand, IMMEDIATELY. It's 90 minutes of great storytelling. Archie Manning was a great quarterback. He is a great father.

Mark Richt just beat LSU on Saturday night in a nailbiter, and in my opinion, one of the great college football games of all time.

After the game, Coach Richt made a point of finding Zack Mettenberger, LSU's qb and I certainly don't need to remind you that Zack was kicked off of Georgia's team, and why .... You know the story.

Adversity reveals character.

Richt grabbed Mettenberger like a father,not like a coach.

There were tears in Mark's eyes.

Coach Richt's next stop was finding Aaron Murray. He hugged Aaron like a father, not a coach. And the tears were streaming down Mark's face.

This was bigger than football.

Coach Richt's tears were filled with joy, but also filled with pain.

Tuesday morning, Paul Oliver, former bulldog , former NFL player, just 29 was found . He had committed suicide . One shot to his head with his gun.

Reporters asked Mark about the tears. Coach Richt responded with " it has alot to do with things outside of football.".

I still don't know exactly what he meant, but I know Coach Richt took the Oliver Suicide personally.

You see, Mark Richt is a man who cares about those players. If I had a son that was going to be lucky enough to play college football, I want him to play for a MAN like Richt.

Life lessons in and around football are such teachable moments. Which brings me back to the Mannings. Both Richt and the Manning family care about people.

And they care about winning.

The football field is their platform for teaching. Class is in session.


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