I cheered for Jose Fernanez!

Sep 13, 2013 -- 4:58pm

Tears streaming down his face....


Jose Fernadez , the Marlins rookie NL pitcher phenom is worthy of me writing a blog or two.

I say that , bc I have done the homework. He tried to escape Cuba for years, 3 times .

the 2nd time was a big fail. His mother , who was on a raft with him.... fell off, into the water,.

Jose jumped into the water to save her, and inevitably was taken back to Cuba...thrown into jail for two years.

Fast Forward to Wednesday, Sept 12th.

Jose , facing the Braves for the 2nd time in 2013, chose to "spar" with some of the Braves players..... on Aug 30, he said to Freddie Freeman, " how can I get you out...."... smile on his face, enjoying the show...

However, on Wed night, the smile , turned to Antics.... when, Evan GAttis went yard on the rookie... the smile , turned to sarcasm, turned to the Braves Clubhouse...

And all the sudden.... it got ugly.

or did it?

I will argue/ slash contend.... that Jose Fernandez is the best thing for our division.... and baseball.

I guarantee you, we'll be paying attention in 2014 when Fernanez starts for the Marlins. He makes not only our division better, but baseball better.

The other part of this story...that I love.....

Brian Mccann and Chris Johnson IMMEDIATELY came to the defense of Mike Minor.

Dear Falcons Offensive LINE>.... Maybe you should take notice when our QB, Mr. Matt Ryan was thrown to the carpet on week 1, NO ONE TOOK MR. VICARRO TO TASK.


Get it together..... Falcons.

Look at what the Braves did in one inning.

Who's got your back!?

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