I cry at ...well...everything

Jun 29, 2013 -- 10:11am

I cry at ...well... everything.

Great day at the Chipper Jones' Hall of Fame luncheon. Largest crowd to ever attend one of these. So I'm among the 1400, and taking the time to take it in.

Old School Braves were scattered throughout the ballroom... Ryan Klesko, Pete Smith, Jesse Garcia, Greg McMichael, Mike Bielecki, Javy Lopez, Ron Gant, Marquis Grissom...the list goes on and on.

And then it hit me.

I had covered the Braves since 1996, when I was a lil ole Sports Reporter in Tally. Braves trained in West Palm Beach way back when, and I went to cover them.

Met a guy named Chipper Jones in '97. For the next 15 years, I covered Chipper and the Braves. They were one in the same.

It hit me, when the video montage of Chipper's greatest hits played, that many chapters in my life are ending.

For me, as a TV reporter , I remember Chipper sitting down with me doing , gosh, 15 minute interviews , discussing everything from hunting, his knees, his new marriage, his divorce, his gold glove envy, and always, and I mean always, Chipper was respectful of my questions, my time, he was honest, and he was a delight to cover.

I started to cry at the luncheon. One, because Chipper's mom was crying, and Chipper was swallowing because of that massive lump in his throat. and Two, we're all moving up and moving on.

I call Chipper my friend now. He looks really happy.

So am I, despite the fact that I cry at everything. Yep, during the nighttime celebration at Turner field, when they unveiled the #10 on the Wall of retired jerseys, I was overcome with emotion.

and Chipper's mom was crying again, too.

Kleenex, please.


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