Baby Oil/Iodine

Jun 23, 2013 -- 8:47pm


When I was a kid, we would lay out in the sun , on mylar sheets, covered in baby oil and iodine. Sunscreen??? Why? The goal is to get as tan as possible.

Turns out, that's really terrible for you.

Growing up on Panama City Beach, if you were pale, you weren't doing something right.

Now that I'm all grown up, I'm at the dermatologist once every 6 months,g etting biopsy after biopsy.

I 've now had 4 surgeries on malingnant skin cancers, nothing life threatening, but if I could just have a do over...I would have NEVER baby oiled it up.

The message of this blog is simple, just a reminder to get your largest organ, your skin, checked for any strange freckles.... bumps..itches.... any thing that looks suspicious , probably is.

It's simple, and could save your life.

Oh, andmake sure to use the sunscreen. I still LOVE the beach, but now i'm covered from head to toe. Just not the same as the mylar tanning procedure.


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