My dad is the BEST DAD! Happy FAthers Day

Jun 14, 2013 -- 7:05pm

I love my daddy.

The earliest memory of my dad telling me about sports was when I was 7. I was a cheerleader {pee wee.... or just ridiculously cute/ridiculously dumb in my uniform}. I remember cheering for the Oakland Raiders. My dad would spend time to tell me exactly what was 1 st down...and 10. " so on 2nd down they need to get 2nd and 5".... and so on".

I remember being that young, doing the math... and looking at him in the stands , and going" yeah, dad,... first down!""... He was an umpire/referree for as long as I could remember.

When I got to junior high/high school.... my cheerleader groove continued,and as much as he probably longed for a son, he figured out....that ain't happening.

So there I was... a skinny little punk kid, who liked to watch NFL with my dad... who knew?

My dad was the voice of the Lynn Haven Raider, the Mowat Mustangs, and then my HS... he/my mom would participate in the Booster Club festivities.. which meant... heck, I still dont'know what it meant?

All I know is that both my mom/dad NEVER missed a pee wee / junior high / or high school game that I was cheering ..... they also didn't miss one single recital or vocal performance that my sister participated in. My sis was a star. She still is.

I sat in full awe as she sang and performed.

Beside me.... my parents.

On this fathers day.... I want to shout to the world that I love my DADDY. He is the best.... He laughs at my jokes, kicked my butt when needed, but most importantly, set the best example of who I wanted to be when I grew up.

I love you Dad.! I love you Mom... I love you Sharon....

when you're growing up, and sitting in the audience, or cheering on the field.... you don't stop to take the time to take inventory of what is going on. You take for granted your own group of "cheerleaders'.

When you grow up.... you wang to grab a pair or pom-poms and tell the world how lucky you were to have such a great family~

spirit fingers for all! xo


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