Evan Gattis! The REal thing.

Apr 13, 2013 -- 7:10pm

Must read~ and I agree with it all~


I knew this young man was something special when I first approached him in the Braves locker room. First of all, he wasn't with the veterans, the big leaguers, he was around the corner, where the guys with numbers like 99 and 72 are lined up... the Minor leaguers...

"hi Evan, my name is Sandra Golden, and I work with 680 , would love to get you on the radio this morning if you have 5 minutes to join us"....

Evan: Yes Mam, I can do it right now.


He was so gracious, and so well mannered... So well spoken, so thoughtful in his answers....So humble.

All of it.

He walked away, and I thought, if this kid makes it on the roster, he's not going anywhere.

Forbes got it right. It's the BEST story in baseball thus far!


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