Who thought this WBC was a good idea?

Mar 15, 2013 -- 9:47pm

Bad idea!

David Wright will begin the season on the DL with a sore back..... and intercostal strain, that he suffered at the World baseball Classic.

Who thinks this WBC is a good idea?

It's not!

We won't know how the Braves , as a whole, will suffer from the extra 3 weeks at Spring Training, but as the US faces Puerto Rico tongiht in an emilimination game, I'm cheering in spanish for PR!

Get Kimbrel back to Orlando, stat.

And , you too Andrellton Simmons. I'm pulling for the Netherlands to lose. There I said it.

Not one manager in MLB is happy about losing some of his team to the WBC. You're one injury away from a disaster! You know it and I know it.

My goodness, if 162 games a year doesn't jumpstart baseball in the US, then we're doing something WRONG. And for the other countries, I don't live there.



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