Football season is over.

Feb 04, 2013 -- 7:14pm

Football season officially over!

As excited as I was for Super Bowl, I was equally depressed about the end of football season.

The official end.

Best moment of the football season for me was the Falcons Seahawks game at the dome! One of the best experiences as a fan....Perfect day..... Heart attack and all.

Just was euphoric when the Falcons had the chance to wear the NFC crown. And then, the rest is history.

THe Bro Bowl was a good game, Beyonce rocked it, she's a star! and the commercials were...ehhh??? ...not great, not earth shattering, just ehhhh...

Clydesdale horse made me cry. Forever Young by Taco Bell made me laugh.

Best food at super bowl party..... buffalo chicken sliders with bacon cole slaw. Perfect. Delicious!

Did think that the Lights going out had something to do with terrorism., and I'm bummed that I actually thought that, and went there.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was bragging on New Orleans and the show they put on for the past 7 days. I like the city, I love the food, and I like a nice ending to a tragedy.

NOLA is back in business, and the world got to see this week.

Pitchers and catchers report in a week.

Now, turn the dog gone lights on peeps!


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