I almost threw up~

Jan 14, 2013 -- 3:33pm

One of my Favorite Days!

My plan was to go to the Falcons/Seahawks game as a fan. I usually go , sit in the press box, and work the game. Haven't been to a Falcons game this year as a fan....In fact , realized that I hadn't gone last season as a fan either.

So, bought my tix on Thursday, shelled out the $160 per, and headed to the dome on Sunday. I wanted the full experience.

Wore my falcons gear. Went to Falcons Landing.

Did a walk around prior to game. Watched every video tribute.

Cried during the national anthem.

And lost my voice.



The dome was louder than an venue I've ever been to. IN fact my ears were still ringing todayduring the Sports Biz Hour at 5am.......

The fans all around us were loyalist. They had a true kindred spirit and had developed these tight relationships through out the season, I could tell. We were welcomed in with open, cheering arms !

Soon, we were hugging it out with perfect strangers. Heck it was 20-0 and I was making plans for next Sunday.

and then......

Well you know the rest... Seattle battled back, was up 28-27 with :31 seconds , and the entire Georgia Dome was deflated. Emotionally deflated. We experienced the loss.

How could this happen. Our section was grieving. A woman was weeping behind me, notkidding!

And then, well.... a 49 yard field goal later, and we're celebrating another week.

I'm exhausted.

But I'm ready for Sunday. Love that a 49 yard field goal, brings in the 49ers!

Rise UP


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