Act like we're 13-3!

Jan 07, 2013 -- 5:26pm

If not now, when?

Rise up. Falcons fans if you're reading this. From Cumming to College Park... if you're in Smyrna or in Stone Mountain. Can we all agree to RISE UP and get our Falcon on this week.

The matchup is Sunday , Falcons hosting the Seahawks at the Dome. OUR DOME. Season in review . Ready?

When Atlanta was 8-0, the national media began to crush our Fabulous Falcons, shooting holes in everything from the strength of schedule to the venue..... MUTE.

and follow the bouncing critic, through the year. ENUF.

One thing and one thing only will put a stop to the disrespect , a win on Sunday.

My challenge to you FALCON fans. Bring it!

I mean , let's REALLYBRING It! Paint this town red and black like it's the super bowl, like it's the SEC championship! Like it's the only game that matters.

Because, when you think about it.

It is.


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