Lots to be Thankful for:

Nov 19, 2012 -- 11:45am

Happy Thanksgiving...

Taking stock of my life around these days....

So Grateful for:

My wonderful parents who are alive and well and continuously support me no matter what. A great sister who rocks.

New beginnings. New adventures. Personal growth in the last three years since my divorce. A great man in my life who respects me and cares about me.

My Cat ,Simba , who turned 16 this October.

My girlfriends, who continue to be my favorite people in the world.

Thankful that Jerry Sandusky is in prison. That sports is a great escape from reality, and it's still the best reality show around.

Thankful for Bobby Petrino, Lane Kiffin, and Jim Mora who give me endless material.

Thankful for my teamates at 680. Fine group of individuals, yes , even you Perry.

And thankful for my health, my heart, and my love of laughter.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Sandra Golden


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