106 days to spring training

Oct 29, 2012 -- 7:03pm

Quick fix!


Attn Major League Baseball,


This is an open letter to the executives and Gods that rule MLB. Please shorten the season. IN case you haven't noticed, no one watched the World Series.




Here's your quick fix, free of charge. Shorten the regular season to 142 games. Begin the playoffs in September, and the World Series won't have to compete with a little thing we like to call Football.

You see, Both College football and the NFL has taken over the world.

When Buster Posey goes yard, we were watching SNF.

On Saturday night, we were watching Alabama and Notre dame both play huge top 10 games.


Don't take it personal. Just make the quick adjustment, and everybody wins.


Only 106 days to Braves spring training.

Carry on. 

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