Haters! Put down your BRIEFCASE!

Oct 09, 2012 -- 7:14pm


I've worked at 680 since Feb of 2010...You guys/gals (that's Rude's old school word for girls) have been kind to me, at least to my email/twitter...

but wow.


I couldn't believe the HATE emails I received after the BRAVES were eliminated in the WWS. the Wacky Wildcard Showdown at Turner field on Friday.


I said on the show on Monday that I understood the passion , and why Braves fans had thrown stuff. I was at Dantannas, and was screaming and yelling just like the other hundreds of fans .

Perry and Rude took to talking to we braves fans as if we were children.


I don't think they're passionate Braves fans like I am. I have screamed and yelled at the TV all season long.... during the hi's and lows.

I cheered when I saw the fans actually CARE for a change. ( you know they call us the 'briefcase BRAVES", bc we're so business like...}

that sux.


Tim Hudson had a few things to say about we 'fans". and this just in, he agrees with ME!!

Tim Hudson said:

"I don’t blame the fans for doing what they did and reacting the way they did. Show them some passion and let them know that they didn’t get the call right. That’s not something that I condone or the Atlanta Braves condone, but I was fired up to see everybody in the stadium just ticked off at what just happened. We were the same way and it’s something that, after a little while, I think it’s a little bit embarrassing, but at the same time one side of me was just happy to see our fans just backing us up and letting them know how they felt."

Stop the hate! Put down your briefcase!

This is why we CHOP. Like it or not.

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