Not the headline!

Sep 24, 2012 -- 2:59pm

The Ravens kicked a last second fg as time expired to beat the Patriots last night.

That was not the story of the night.

Ravens' Wide Receiver Torrey Smith turned in the most courageous performance of any player this season.  Playing through tragedy.  His 19 year old brother died just hours before , in a motorcycle accident.  Torrey left the team hotel at 1am, and the team and head coach John Harbaugh had no idea if Torrey would play , or even be in any condition to even think of football.  Torrey notified the team about an hour before kickoff that he was on his way, and not only did he play, he had a career night with 2 tds, 6 catches for 127 yards.  The crowd chanted Torrey, Torrey, and stood in awe.  I sat in my living room in awe.  What an amazing young man.  After the game, there was no "team rally" , no mention of an AFC championship game, no real rahrah celebration.  This team succeeded on two levels, a win, certainly on the field, but a bigger win to a family that needed a real huddle!

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