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I love Twitter! Sorry , I'm not sorry!

Apr 22, 2014 -- 9:25pm
I love twitter.
I get a real pleasure out of game tweeting.  You know, you sit down in front of the telly, and have the iPhone next to ya.  
Listeners are responding, tweeting facts, cheering our Braves on, criticizing, cursing, 
The point being, there's a new found way to watch games on TV with the Twitter world.
We have a connection.
If you're not an active participant, you should have never started to read this blog.  I'm telling you, I find joy in hearing from you on twitter.  I do feel like we're all watching together.
( get a life, Sandra Golden... I can hear you .... )
But when I talk to peeps at the station the morning after... or from Players who are paying attn to the twitterworld.... they feel it too.
Radio is one way we all connect...this keyboard...wait excuse me, I still use a keyboard..... 
This ipad, iPhone...is another.
Siri appreciates the twitter connection.
So do i.
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Stop the Madness

Mar 31, 2014 -- 8:00pm
Enough of the Madness
It only took 25 games for everyone to be eliminated in the Billion Dollar Bracket.  
In fact, this year's NCAA tournament had folks shredding their bracket work after the first weekend.  So how did that affect how you watched or paid attention to the tournament? 
Brian Finneran brought up a great point this morn.... Dickie V and Co said this was the greatest sporting event in history? 
The NCAA tournament, and final four weekend isn't in my top 5~! Sorry I'm not sorry.
I like to watch cinderella's run, but that's it.
I think it's the most overhyped of the over kill in sports. 
Even Charles Barkley is bored by the whole thing. 
I was intrigued by Sir Charles and his body language on the CBS set this weekedn.  He's so over it.  And his suits don't fit properly, but that's another discussion.
They're asking him to wax poetic about UCONN! ? 
Can we just give the Trophy to Florida and call it a day.
Stop the Madness.
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Yumminess while you're at Braves Spring Training~

Mar 04, 2014 -- 6:34am
Happy to pass on the yumminess!!
There's an area near Champions Stadium called Celebration! It's a fantastic little "city", that is CHARMING!
ALL the restaurants there are perfect!
Colombia is delicious, and is more spanish inspired... the salad is called the 1905, and they make it table side It's big enough for a meal.
There's an italian place in celebration, called d'antonio's.  DELISH!  You'll need a reservation.  
more casual, is the Market Diner. Really great quality, homestyle comfort food. Their banana cream pie is UNREAL.
then, the Tavern, features a chef from Boston that has LEGIT, Boston food!  From the chowder to the best boston cream pie !!!   On Friday's they feature Lobster Bisque, and it's great...
Steaks, wings, burgers, but high quality!  
At Hilton Bonnet Creek, there's an Italian restaurant, called La Luce. (  i always talk about the beet salad from this place } ...Really great food.. pasta specials to die for, and they've got a butterscotch pudding that is served with tiny toffee pieces! 
In the Waldorf-Astoria....... Bull and Bear Steakhouse... It's really expensive, but the best food on earth.  The short rib is best I've ever eaten and they've got a burger that is filled with short rib meat! It's ridiculous!!!  
Christinis is about 20 min away, on Sand Lake Blvd, but it's world famous.  You'll feel like you just entered an episode of the SOPRANOS... Make reservation ahead of time, they're packed every day of the week!!  
Have a wonderful time , and GO BRAVES!! 
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USA! USA! Back in love with the ICE

Feb 16, 2014 -- 5:47pm
Awesome Saturday Morning!
I don't know why I woke up so early.  But at 7:20, I headed to the coffee pot, flipped on the TV, and twitter reminded me that USA HOCKEY/RUSSIA WAS ON LIVE!
It started at 7:30.
Well, In a three hour span of time, one single hockey game, and a shootout, to boot... Hockey is a part of my life.
I must admit, I had to break up with the NHL. When the Thrashers dumped our city, I was lost to find a team.  Love the Preds, but hard to find to watch.... Winnipeg...well that wasn't happening.
And then good ole USA Men's hockey, is making me fall in love all over again.
On Valentines weekend, no doubt. 
As I pen this love letter, USA advances to the quarterfinals, with a bye.  Gold Medal is in the sights for Next sunday
Ur Move Canada! 
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Snow anyone?

Jan 29, 2014 -- 9:50pm
Who knew!?  On Monday, when it was 57 degrees and sunny, i was very busy getting my nails done , and loading up on my weekly groceries.   
I spoke to my parents around 6pm, and we were talking about how it was so silly that they were predicting snow in the next 24 hours.
Tuesday morning at 680, it was cold, no snow at 8:00am... by 10:15, Snow in powder springs. By 11:25, it was coming down outside the office.
"I'm getting out of here"~ 
that's what I told steak and Finn at noon, once the show was over on Tuesday.
I get very nervous around weather.  I think it's because I'm from Florida.
I went to Kroger, saw WAYYYYYYYYYYY too many people out and about around buckhead, dropped all the ice cream, and headed home.
12:45. HOME.
That's where I was for the next 24 hours.   I watched the news like a crazy person.  Was scared for all of my ATL neighbors stuck in traffic. 
Was annoyed that they were stuck in traffic.
Stuck for 18 hours.
There's no rant here.   But, something has to change
The props go to  : police, firepeeps, no fatalities, over 1000 wrecks and no fatalities! whew....
Random acts of kindness all over our great city! Thanks to the folks who gave hot chocolate, gasoline, pb&j sandwiches, water, coffee, bathroom breaks, and to my teammates at 680 the fan...for providing a safe ear for thousands to maybe get a giggle or two...
It snowed in Atlanta on Tuesday..... We're still feeling the chill bumps of a tough couple of days. 
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We're number 1!

Jan 07, 2014 -- 5:44pm
For the first time, I sat on my couch, by myself, and watched my school win a National Championship.
I was in attendance for the last two...that was sweet.
But last night, well, that was special.
I indulged in all the pre game festivities, watched every second of every prediction.
Called my dad twice, who is a BIG FSU FELLA, and settled in for the Megacast by ESPN>
I'll get to that in a second (overkill!! )
I wasn't nervous nuts, like Jason Cofar. He takes meds/cigarettes for his college football habit with Alabama.  I was nervous excited. 
College football, cheering for the Noles has a bigger meaning for me.  
The first is with my father.  As long as I can remember, we were NOLES.  My dad and I have gone to bowl games, home games, away games, and Championship games. 
It has been a common bond between father and daughter. 
The second meaning to me is a family of Tallahassee.  A brotherhood/sisterhood in the Seminole Nation.  The garnet/gold sticker on  your car, unites! 
It's really something.
So, back to the game.... I talked to my dad when it was 21-3, he reassured me that Jameis would be ok.  
We talked at halftime, and he told me he had shifted the Karma.  He shaved at halftime. 
Yep, he said, I just shaved, and you'll see, they're going to win.
Well, you saw what happened. 
After the game, i was in tears.  I was wishing I was there but also enjoyed every second of the TV coverage.  The analysis, the Tebow cutaways, the Coaches predicting the Fake punt.
I do think ESPN is out-thinking themselves.  Just give us the great drama ON the field.  I don't need the drama, off the field.
Bobby Bowden came on this morning.  That was the icing on the championship cake.  
The baton has been passed. Bowden to Fisher.  And the crown looks good again on Tallahassee's head. 
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