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Jun 06, 2014 -- 4:27pm
hey chris how do you know if you have your 1975 Ohio Players Love Rollercoaster album or your 1981 Christopher Cross album or your 1982 Michael Jackson Thriller Album or your 1990 Police Synchronitcity album. Rude if you have 2000 or so albums how do you account for all of them. lol! Cause trust me someone somewhere has stolen a couple of your albums believe that. hahahah!! love ya babe.
Mr. Rude,
I was listening to your show and you had reached a rather disturbing segment where you were discussing the bathing habits of one Perry Laurentino.
He mentioned that he uses the bar of soap to lather up his whole body, when you reacted with the predictable response of incredulity and disgust, as did I and those acquainted with Perry's formidable fleece.
Knowing he was still at the studio doing the show, I took the opportunity to sneak into Perryland, to see if any evidence existed to back his claim.
Once I got past the ceramic lions and an empty box of Mallowmars on the stairs, I was able to enter his bathing area and as you can see by the attached photo I took, Perry's telling the truth.
Take care,
Please.  The Air Conditioning is a non issue.  The Heat are younger than the Spurs, and hell they live in Miami for gosh sakes (I'm from Homestead), and there is no place in the U.S. with that combination of heat and humidity, except maybe Hawaii.   If anybody should be used to it, then they should.  
Golfers don't expect to play in the rain, but they do if it's not lightning.  Baseball should be played in warm weather but they still play the World Series in below freezing temps at times.  Football is a cool weather sport, but those first week in August games can be pretty wickedly hot.
Both teams had the same conditions.  One was obviously in better shape to handle them.  Conversely, anybody that says LeBron is a wuss is ridiculous.  As a distance runner (up to marathon), I have had cramps after a race that completely immobilized me.  Could not take a step - had to lie down.  Any sudden movement on his part and he would be on the ground again in a second.  He obviously didn't hydrate properly and I'm sure they will remedy that in the future.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
I  realize that I have chosen to live in a very southern, conservative leaning state.  I am a fairly moderate type of guy that frowns on extreme views from left or right.  I also realize your strongest demographic are connected to those alledged values and political ideologies. Most of your hosts verbalize their right leanings.  That is fine.  I just hoped our sports talk was above that earning acceptance.  There are enough TV shows and radio programs that have that angle covered.   After hearing your discussions about Donald Sterling and other race fueled hot button issues, it is becoming hard to get an objective and sensitive view from your talk show.  Perry always takes it to the right.  Rude use to be a good moderator but lately has also begun to lean right with comedy injections. Domino is the only hope for moderates. I realize where your pay checks come from and respect that.  However, as a fairly well educated man of color, it
is hard listening to some of your comments lately, in addition to the stupid sound injections of Sterling and other individuals surrounded by racial dynamics that are supposed to be funny? 
My bigger question is this:
Is 680 the Fan purposely trying to alienate their viewers of color?  A growing portion of black listeners are beginning to feel and believe that when listening to your station.  
A disappointed moderate.
Edwin L.
Fayetteville, GA
Dear Edwin,
Geez, I hope I haven't begun to lean right!!?? ...or left!!?? I think it was Groucho Marx who said "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member." Those are my sentiments exactly.

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