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Apr 18, 2014 -- 3:17pm
The Guy Olympics just doesn't have a good ring to it

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All we heard during the entire off season was how the Braves had to go out and sign an "ace", a "stopper", if they wanted to compete for a championship this year.  And I kept saying to myself, Whoa, slow down.  How do you know that we don't already have someone like that on the staff.  I honestly felt that Minor (after his performance against the Dodgers in the playoffs) and/or Teheran both possessed that capability.   I know, I know, it's still early but I think it's pretty clear that at this point you have to say that Teheran can be that guy, and if we're very lucky Minor might meet those expectations as well.  
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
Chris just listened to the exchange of words between Perry and Domino regarding Bill O'Reily and his visit to the Harlem resturant. i have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore! (smile) you feel me?
hey guys you know i love ya and i've been a loyal listener for 10 years now. lol! not complaining but just wanted to know if you two have ever had anyone making under 50k a year have a chance to break bread with the Rude Awakening radio show. Again i'm not complaining but everytime someone gets to hang out with "The Rude Awakening" he or she is always a lawyer, doctor, CEO, VP or some other dignitary. lol! what about us guys making $10.50 an hour. lol!! hahaha! Love ya rude, perry. keep up the great work.
I couldn't disagree more. I've been an NBA fan for 25 years. And this isn't a new phenomenon. The West has been far superior to the east for over a decade now. When the 3 seed in the east is only 1 game better than the 8 seed in the west, then there's an issue. When you have teams that are under 500 making it into the playoffs while you've got a team that's winning close to 50 games in the other conference missing the playoffs, then there's a problem. I'm a HUGE Atlanta sports fan and I love the Hawks, but they'd be better served at this point to miss the playoffs and get a higher draft pick.
As a basketball fan I wanna see the best basketball and trotting out sub 500 teams and teams like the Bobcats in the playoffs isn't the best product. If the sport wants to be relevant then they need to give the fans the best product possible; the most exciting product. As far as East vs West I don't see it being that relevant. I'd  rather watch a 49 win Phoenix team that is going to miss the playoffs over a 48 win Toronto team who's gonna be the 3 seed in the east, any day of the week. I couldn't care less what time zone they play in…
Dude, love the show and listen from 6-9 EVERY MORNING on my 680 app, now that I'm living in the north east; but you're way off on this one. BTW, I work in sports as well. I spent 10 years with Turner Sports working on the NBA on TNT and now I work for NBC Sports Network so I'd like to think my thoughts aren't just off the cuff. I say this after year's of being a fan and working with the league...
Anyway, at least this has y'all talking NBA on the show, so that's good i guess… take care man. Love the show and GO BRAVOS!!!!!!
Chad Hudson
On Tuesday, April 15, 2014 9:18 AM, rude2 <> wrote:
There's nothing wrong with conference vs conference. It isn't broken.

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