A far from scientific poll (Master's)

Apr 18, 2014 -- 3:16pm
TV viewing for the 2014 Master's Final was off 24% from last years final. So, why didn't you watch? This is far from scientific, but we'll have some fun with the results tomorrow morning on The Rude Awakening on 680 The Fan (680am & 93.7fm)
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  • Khoa Nguyen No Tiger, No Phil...
  • Steve Peck Only watch portions of the last day of the majors anyway. Golf is just boring to watch, and as I get older, it gets even more boring. Also, younger demographic doesn't care about it at all.
  • Timothy Lee Clay Unfortunately it's probably because Tiger Woods was not playing. That's sad!
  • Lisa Henley i love bubba!!
  • Ed Wallace It was a great Masters tournament
  • Mike Froedge Because it's golf, that's why!
    I'd rather watch my own toenails grow.
  • Jay Priday He looks a little like Q, from Impractical Jokers.
  • Jay Priday 76% of me watched, while the other 24% of me joined the rest of the people who were playing quarters with their half brothers at a halfway house about an eighth of a mile from 10th Street. I think the answer's 4. I'll show my math, next time.