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Oct 14, 2013 -- 3:24pm

This morning you had a discussion about the Washington Redskins name.  I believe it is offensive.   I know it has been around a long time.   But that is not a reason to continue to accept it.


The term Redskin was used to desribe a person by the color of his skin.   It alone was enough to deny the person the same opportunities and rights as a white person.   For instance, in the old west a Redskin could not be served at a bar or stay in a hotel.   It did not matter how intelligent the person was, what he did for a living or whether he was a good or bad person, just the color of his skin, "red" was enough to make him less equal.   The same was true for blacks.   We would not tolerate a team called the Blackskins today, but somehow "Redskins" is ok.   The gold standard for the color of one's skin has been white since it was the Europeans who first settled this country and established the hierarchy of people and the social mores.   They determnied that other colors of skin were inferior and should be treated as such.   Who decided that white was the most desired color for skin?


The American Indians have historically allowed themselves to be mistreated and pushed around.   Blacks and other groups have fought back, but for some reason American Indians generally have not.   Now a few are standing up against the name "Redskins".   Good for them.


You said that Jerry Jones cited the fact that the owner of the Redskins is Jewish.   I think he made a valid point but it too may be politically incorrect.   As Jews, we understand what it is like to be a minority and to suffer discrimination.   We should be very willing to understand the viewpoint of other peoples and come to their defense.


If Atlanta gets a new soccer franchise, I am sure it will not be called the Atlanta Blackskins or Atlanta Whiteskins.   But I guess Atlanta Redskins is ok with some of your listeners.




Perry, would you call a native american a redskin to their face? If you wouldn't... then its a racial slur. -brian


Hello guys,
I just want to said thank you for making my morning everyday.  I've been listening for the last 6yrs religiously.  Due to my line of work I listened to the whole show.  You guys make me laugh all the time.  Leo with his positive attitude. Perry with his rant.  Rude with his out look into life.  I'm not going to lie, I listen to other station.  But your show is the best.  Even with Perry's crazy out look on thing.  How ever good thing must end.  This Friday will be the last time I listen to your show.  I have a change of job.  My new job require me to work noon to mid night. But if I wake up early I will definitely tune in 
Thanks again 
Xander Vo
Bread man
#saint hater
this have been a tough tough week for Atlanta's sport.
Falcons have a hyperbaric chamber

Jeff Troutt
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Chris and Perry, lets just say for a minute that Mariotta was also short his two best running backs Thomas and Marshal. They totaled 127 yards rushing and 3 TDs against the Vols. Then lets see what it would be like without your three top receivers..Josh Huff (125 yards and 1 TD), Bralon Addison (121 yards and 2 TDs) and John Mundt (78 yards) who totaled 344 yards passing between them. Your top two running backs and top 3 receivers totaled 471 of your 687 yards and 6 of your 8 touchdowns. Think it might make a difference? And playing at home in Autzen is a huge advantage to the Ducks, much like playing in Neyland is a big advantage to the Vols.

Oregon is a tremendous football team and very possibly better than a healthy Georgia. Right now, there is no question that they are better. But comparing scores in College Football is an effort in futility.  It never works...eventually you can prove that Temple is better than Oklahoma if you do enough of the transitive stuff.
The reason that teams fail in the NFL is that the "star power" of quarterbacks gets over-prioritized when allocating cap money. 

Yes, the qb is the primary focus on the team.  Most teams with crummy qbs are bad.  I get that.

But the maxim in football, regardless the level of play, is that you build teams and win championships with superior lines of scrimmage first.  If you have a mediocre running back but a great offensive line, those guys will make that rb look like walter payton a lot of the time.  If you have a great qb but a crap offensive line, you get what the Falcons have.

It does absolutely no good to have all of this "star power" when the lion's share of your payroll goes to just a small group of "stars" and none of them happen to be dominant linemen.


Perry is such a Jock Sniffer! To say, "if I were Clowney's dad, I wouldn't even let him play"! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! What the heck is he teaching, "hey son, I don't care what that coach, team, or school has given you or done for you and don't worry about that diploma, you're going to the NFL. You can get hurt there and land back on the streets and be the subject of an ESPN 30 for 30 special of how you layed down your junior year in college, let your teammates down, took crip classes, never got a degree, was drafted in the first round, got hurt and pissed your money away cause you are to stupid to know how to handle your finances!"

I feel like Spurrier's comments were dead on the first time! Clowney has dollar signs in his eyes and has forgotten about his teammates and the University that gave him an opportunity to showcase his talents.

I can assure you having played a while back myself, Spurrier's comments were made based on a team docs report of "cleared to play" and Clowney told coach I hurt, wuss! I'll bet you if this was his freshman year and it were the same scenario, his ass would have played for fear of loosing his starting position!

All the talk about the money that these kids make for their respective Universities is part of the deal, live with it! They are paying your way for the opportunity to get an education a lot of these kids could not afford any other way but, thru athletics. A lot of these student athletes live better for four years on campus than they have for the first 17 years of their life! The sad Thing is, so many of them and so many of the fans, Perry, forget why they are there, an education!


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