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Aug 16, 2013 -- 8:20pm


On the ESPN vs Fox Sports Uno discussion...Gary writes
Maybe, just maybe, they will carry crazy whacked out sports like Track and Field.  Of course I jest.  The oldest and purest (no damn ref blowing a call or an ump not knowing what an infield fly is) on earth, has now gone the way of the other so called"sports" once carried by Wide World of Sports (rodeo, lumberjack games, curling, demolition derby, etc. and God knows what else Jim McKay called in the old days.)   Oh yeah, who could forget cliff diving from Acapulco.
But ESPN will cover skateboarding,  BMX bicycles, and snowmobile suicide in a heartbeat
Does anybody but me (obviously not) give a damn that the World Championships of Track and Field are going on as we speak, and have been for the last week, in Moscow.   The event, second only to the Olympics in importance in the sport,  has had one 90 minute tape delayed show on Sunday (NBC), and as far as I know not one word on ESPN.   Finals have been taking place every single day (cue the crickets) To me, that is very very sad.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
Well Gary,
We'll find out what Fox has cooked up for sports this weekend. It's always interesting when a competitor comes along to see what "hole" they think they can fill?
You come to realize in life that some people are defined by their liberal or conservative slant. They seem to view everything through that very limited prism. Which came first, the slant or your belief? Do you really believe it or are you just following party lines? For most people, I think they allow the slant and therefore their beliefs to be created by someone else...these people are followers not leaders. Which is OK because the world needs both. If we didn't have followers, there would be no need for leaders. Honestly, I never really thought of ESPN as having a liberal agenda and that Fox Sports One could try to fill the conservative sports agenda, whatever that happens to be???

I would avoid the whole liberal v conservative thing if I were Fox
Sports. For example, the caller you just had on said that ESPN has a
liberal bias. I think that's very strange to say about a company who
tried hiring Rush Limbaugh and paid for it dearly because Limbaugh
immediately made an ass of himself. Sports offers us a very special lens
through which we can observe and discuss race in America. It's at a 
point now where it's a meritocracy -- the best player gets the job.
However, it also mirrors our flaws. The former Gator who said the "N"
word shows us how far we've come while simultaneously showing us how far
we have to go. For many conservatives, if race is brought up as an
issue, it is viewed as race baiting. This is clearly flawed. We must be
able to have the conversations which will move us forward together. ESPN
is guilty of a lot of things concerning monopoly marketing and new
creation, but being liberal and intentionally race-baiting aren't those

Kelly Burnette
Lakeland, FL.
On the discussion of the Ross Tucker column about the treatment of Brandon Weeden the Browns QB...some are suggesting that hire-ups within the Browns organization might be leaking info to the media about Brandon's future with the Browns, why?
The New Browns Ownership is trying to sell hope since we have been so bad on the field since we came back to the NFL.
For better or worse, they must see Weeden is not the guy and want to distance themselves.

Keep up the great work!

Kris Leary
        How can you sit back and allow Perry to undo everything you and the others do to separate your station from the pack. On Wednesday someone dissented on Perry's view on Aggie QB and he called the  guy an imbecile. How is that better than those clowns that were recently terminated from a station in Atlanta? Truth is,  Perry with his verbose, bloviating,  narcissistic  self aggrandizing,  USC attending, condescending self, needs a class in broadcasting protocol or etiquettes from Maggie, Yourself, Damon or other CBS professionals. No, Perry can't be allowed to abuse participants who are not even rude. That guy is such a donkey. Of course he is going to go on and on that he can do without the job because his wife has  more money than God! If anyone is going to be rude it should be you because after all that is your name.
I am,
On the chat about the name Gamecocks...
Cockfighting, to be sure, is not venture that your normal individual would find themselves involved in.

You are posing the question as to why there is an outrage against the name Redskins and not the name Gamecocks.

To me, the answer is simple.

Chickens, as a whole, have no real access to computers, much less the internet.  You will have your exceptions, basically the ones that peck the computer screen, playing tic tac toe to try to rack up some seed but by and large, you will usually find your chickens pecking the ground, or packed 60 to a crate, 30 crates high, staring out at you as they're headed down 400 on their green mile trip to the processing plant.

Your Native Americans, however, have access to the internet and when they are relatively sober, they are able to communicate their displeasure with a carefully worded email; a huge upgrade from their smoke signals.

Take care,
Thanks Jay, I couldn't agree more!

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