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Jun 28, 2013 -- 11:55am


Hey Chris,


Once again you are the one rooted in reality while Perry is living out there somewhere.  I can tell you that if a “certain type” (Aaron Hernandez) came into my workplace and says “let’s be friends”; I don’t think so.  You can’t just say that he could come in and be friends with Gonzalez.  Do you think that Gonzalez’s wife is going to allow her husband to hang out with this guy.

I left Cleveland to join the army and I permanently left behind many friends from when I was younger.  I always heard people with this dumb saying “don’t forget where you come from” etc but after the army I became a CPA and I have a few friends from my new world but for the most part you leave all of that behind when you get a family (normally). 

Most of these kids that we hear about (not the majority in the NFL, NBA, but the vocal minority) they usually come from single mother homes and gangs (not always formally but groups of guys) are their only family and just because the win the lottery by making it in professional sports they are not going to drop these people.  They are more than their boys but the only family they often know.

Also, I love Lebron and would welcome him back as a Cavs fan (even though I have lived the last 12 years in Atlanta as a Falcons, Braves and Hawks fan. (now unfortunately living in Savannah).


Take it easy



Eric Saxx, CPA

Dear Eric,

You made a number of valid points in your e-mail. Especially, the very first one!  Keep up the good work and thank you for listening!


Look, I know we're paying him $100 million, but how long do we continue to trot out a guy who isn't hitting his weight?  
What can be done?  He sucks!
Rude; I would have to disagree...I think Perry is hitting his weight and then some!

Chris – I think I heard a commercial last week about your sponsor having Dodge Grand Caravan’s for under $20K.  True or not?  If so, where or who should I communicate with regarding same.  BTW, listen to all you guys at 680 every day going to and coming home from work.  Luv your station.


Joe Beaulieu

Hey Joe,

Jason Joel, Mall of Georgia Chyrsler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram



1.  Is the "oblique" a new muscle that doctors recently discovered?  I don't seem to remember Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Frank Robinson or anybody from my childhood ever straining one.  Perhaps it was simply called your side.  I'm being facetious of course, but when they come up with the fancy name?
2.  Not sure why, but I really like this Hosmer kid at Kansas City.. hmmm
3.  The big hoopla with the presentation of the Stanley Cup sure does lose something when the Champs win the deciding game on the road.  All that lifting of the cup around the arena ain't so exciting when the fans are booing your every move.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
Thanks Gary,
I asked Leo about this this morning on the show. He says the oblique is not unique. Do you like how I made that rhyme? I'm not a rapper, but I have my moments. Leo says it was a "pulled side" back in his day. I hope that answers your question?

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Dear Loretta,

Thanks for the good news! Can I get that in a lump sum or do I get it in installments?



what up rude! yo chris you must have done something right in your life. was reading on the internet last night about sport talk shows, radio shows and the like. and in reading about the radio personalities in atlanta particularly 680 fan and 790, people had nothing but kind words to say about you man. you are really special chris.
Dear Wayne,
You might want to read the rest of the column. Typically, in one of those Rodney Ho radio nonsense pieces...all of the "comments" are written by guys like us with too much free time. Hang on, I'll show you what I mean. I just went over and wrote some venomous, hateful drivel about myself. Now, go back and read it! Maybe the 790 guys took the mean spirited with them...
Hi there Chris,

I hope all is well and I luv the show and a daily listener & have been for many years. I have been listening to you since the 96Rock days, so a few yrs!.

Y'all have sent me a few 680 the fan T-shirts in the past and I have worn them out at my kids practices and going to Braves games.

If y'all have a few XL' 680 the fan shirts I would like to know how to go about getting a few, please.

Ill be listening in the AM to the show.

Take care of your self Rude Man.

Will Eubanks
Dear Will,
If I gave a free T-Shirt to every guy or gal who took the time to write in...and say something nice, do you know how many T-Shirts I would have to give out????  OK, so this will be the second one!

Hey guys,


Was listening to your show this morning where you were talking about the boston judge denying bail.  You were focusing on why she stated that he has a fiancé, baby, and is a home owner, that it was odd for a judge to focus on that.  I would think the reason she stated that was because his slimy defense team was using that as a reason why he deserved bail.  So because of that, she referenced that is no reason to give someone bail.  I would be willing to bet that is why she stated it that way.  Just giving you another perspective.


Colby Lynch        

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