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Jun 21, 2013 -- 12:14pm

 Calling people yella?


Who are you, Jack Elam?  (obscure reference)

Jay Priday



Hey Rude,
First, I think my Spurs close it out, tonight.
One reason, is the comment I heard Lebron make, earlier this week.
He said something like, "as one of the leaders of this team..."
Before then, he was always referring to himself as "the" leader of the team.
I think his confidence is waning; he's providing other scapegoats.  There's a word with an interesting origin and history.
Next, I just saw something about Nick Cellini.  Didn't see or hear what he had said, exactly, but apparently, it was inappropriate enough to get him fired. 
It's hard to be politically correct, these days, so, leave it to some dumb dago to cross the line.
When are you guys hiring him?
They should replace him with Mel.
Aside from that, I hope you had a Happy Father's Day and in the words of Frasier Crane, "I'm listening."
That sounds almost as creepy as you asking that girl if she wanted to be your friend.
Take care and enjoy the game,
Cliff Fuscal

well said chris.

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hi walter,
ya know, there's not much you can say. there's a "line" and they crossed it. i know chris dimino. its unfortunate to lose a job in a community where you've built a career and a life. it may blow over, it may not. that will depend on future employers. as a former rock jock i'm sure i crossed the line many times in an effort to be funny and draw attention to the show. you cant get away with as much on a sports talk radio station.
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hi chris and perry i guess by now you two are familiar with the situation with the station down the dial. (smilie) you know i listened to steak, cellini and domino from march of 1999 to September of 2003 and the only reason i stopped listening was because i left home depot at the vinnings area for new job in roswell. As a result of my new job here in roswell, my radio could not pick up 790thezone so in September of 2003 i started listening to this station called 680 the fan. i did not want to but my radio would not pick up anything else. not V-103, tom joyner at 104.1 or any rock staions. lol! so i settled in with this station 680 the fan and started a real dislike for the dude name perry. (smile) anyway just wanted to know if you guys are allowed to comment on the situation on the guys down the dial.  Okay. take care guys!
love ya both.
Sorry I've been out of the loop for a while.
1.  Instituting a "cannot leave the dugout" rule to prevent brawls is asinine.  If that was the case, then you have the batter (one) who just got hit against the nine players playing defense in the field (nine).  Unless you've got the Hulk batting, I'm going to take the 9 vs 1 every time.  In basketball and hockey you obviously have the same number of players on the court/ice at the same time, so at least the fight is even so far as combatants go.  
2.  Why do the idiotic fans boo the opposing pitcher every time he throws to first to hold a runner close, but think it's great when the the home pitcher does the same thing.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
Tiger has 14 not 15. He will never catch jack due to the better competition of today
I know you guys can't comment on the 790 debacle, but what I thought was most telling was Cellini's comment that "This station is a sinking ship anyway".  Way to go guys
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
Danny Ainge was the first person to get punched in any scuffle in NBA game. Whether they were playing or not somebody still punched him in the face.

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Remind Leo that his Pal Danny Ainge hit a last second shot in the NCAA Basketball Tournament to BEAT Notre Dame when he was playing with BYU!!!! ( It was in the late 60’s or early 70’s) So I guess Leo is not a true Notre Dame fan by loving Danny Ainge.


Keep up the great work,



...Typically, I try NOT to make it a practice to talk about the competition. There are exceptions. However, the basic rule is why draw attention to your adversaries? Now, I'm going to break that rule by writing about it in my blog.  First, a little bit of my back story...I got into radio because I saw an opportunity to combine my love of sports, news, pop culture, music and HUMOR. When I was a kid, my British mum used HUMOR as a way to help us cope with the fact that she was a single mom struggling to raise me and my sister. We had nothing, but we laughed. My mom tried to use humor to help disguise the fact that the man she would eventually marry was an alcoholic. We laughed and loved our way through some very difficult times. When I got into radio the idea of using HUMOR to take a listeners mind off of their troubles, really appealed to me and it still does. Life can be hard and throw you some pretty mean curves. If I can make you laugh, smile or be mildly amused at least once on your drive into work then I've done my job...I think it was Steve Martin who said "Comedy Isn't Pretty." Every sense of humor is different. Sick, twisted, depraved, juvenile, sophomoric, crude, mean spirited, self deprecating, blue, highbrow, dry, subtle, dark, morbid. Some of it works. Some of it doesn't. I've probably been guilty of engaging in most of the above. Working in front of a live-mic in an ad-lib situation presents some interesting challenges. The ability to edit as you free associate is one challenge. Like "opinions" that aren't popular, if you can't edit on the fly, you're going to step in it eventually. Offending is an inevitability. You just have to hope that you can rebound from it. It's also a lot easier to push the envelope when you're young and you don't have responsibilities like a family. On that note, I offer my sympathies.  As a broadcaster, you never want to see anybody get fired. I've certainly been fired my fair share...and will probably be fired again before I'm pushing up Miss Daisy. That's a joke!


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