Rude: Tweet Week @christopherrude

Jan 25, 2013 -- 3:44pm


  1. Some areas seeing up to 0.10 of an inch of ice. use extreme caution

  2. Thanks to carl at in Alpharetta. Great customer service

  3. Is Jim chest cold leaving?

  4. Can Perry tell if youre a man or a woman on the "Babe or Beef" today

  5. I have an affinity for both

  6. "American Pie" singer Don McLean fined $400 for driving his Chrysler too fast in Maine school zone: -CJ

  7. Nikki Minaj has really grown on me. She's funny and offers intelligent critigue

  8. From the Harshly Inclement Weather Center. Ice Storm 2013 coverage begins at 6am

  9. RT BJ/Justin Upton join Hank/Tommy Aaron, JD/Tim Drew, Rick/Mickey Mahler & Phil/Joe Niekro as siblings to play togethe...

  10. do we find out if the phone conversations involved a woman or a man impersonating a woman?

  11. Cool to have the Uptons together, now if we can get Kate to throw out the first pitch

  12. How big of a loss is Martin Prado?

  13. Is Up Up and a Hey the best outfield in baseball

  14. Alpharetta High School representin' tonight on American Idol