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Jan 04, 2013 -- 1:45pm

Rue Rue


You are making it a point to ALWAYS take on Perry.. Come on.. He is expressing his thoughts on Nick .. and I agree for one time with time.. I don’t trust either… Give Perry a break….. You guys take him for a ride


Take care and have a good wild card weekend.. I am hoping for MIN to come to Atlanta… We will prepare for the rush defence


Brian said a good point of preparing for the opponent next week and look at films this week.. I want Matt to prepare more on his passing game





Satish Kumar

Rude...Yes, what he said?


Jay (a frequent contributor to The Rude Awakening) likes the idea of a special "Ru Ru & S&^% Show" featuring me and a panel of my favorite listeners Mel, Brett Shepherd, Gary Hosmer and Jay Priday.

Jay writes...I'd like to be on that show as the character Caucasian Mel, where I say everything that Mel would say, except in a very bland, flat other words, my usual.

Rude...I'm thinking maybe we replace the Dan Patrick Show?


Rude / Perry,

Florida lost the Sugar Bowl because they were out coached and out played by a better team.

Stop making excuses for another SEC loss to the Big East.

Dan Mayhue

Rude...Dan, the only excuse for being out coached and outplayed is NOT to be out coached or outplayed!! Florida should be ashamed.


Chris So happy that you just received your clean bill of health for beating cancer. I sent you a note back when you announced on the air that you had a health challenge you were dealing with. I am a 8 year survivor of colon cancer. Thought I would leave you with this quote that really worked for me.



“ If it weren't for cancer, I'd say I have the perfect life. If it weren't for cancer, would I even realize this?”


Stay strong and I love listening to you, Perry Sandra, Brian and Leo on my way into Coke every morning.






To: Christopher Rude; Brian Finneran; Sandra Golden; Jason Cofar; Leo Mazzone; Perry Laurentino
Subject: Lets look at This

Perry, this morning you said Michael Vick is better than half the Quarterbacks
in the NFL when discussing whether Andy Reid should take him to Kansas City

If so, then he is better than 16 (50%) of the 32 QBS in the NFL. Hmmm, let's

I think everyone would agree that at this stage of Vick's career you would

1. Tom Brady
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Matt Ryan
4. Peyton Manning
5. Eli Manning
6. Ben Rothleisberger
7. Joe Flacco
8. Drew Breese
9. Jay Cutler
10. Matt Schaub
11. Philip Rivers
12. Cam Newton
13. Matthew Stafford
15. Andrew Luck
16. Russell Wilson
17. Tony Romo
18. Andy Dalton; and
19. Sam Bradford

over him.

I would argue that, based on his age injury proneness and turnovers, I would
also take:

20. Ponder
21. Kapernak (sp)/Smith from San Fran (either one)
22. RyanTanneyhill
23. Josh Freeman

Excluding himself, that only leaves 8 (K.C., Oakland, Buffalo, Jax, Tenn,
Cleveland ((and Weedon is close)), Jets, and Ariz).

I think you are giving him way to much credit at this stage of his career. He
was never elite (one 11-5 season) and now he is considerably below average.

A lifetime QB rating of 80 - average, lifetime record of 37-31-1, 123 TDs to 83
INTs (very average) and throw in 35 lost fumbles and you have an average NFL
quarterback who is getting worse every year.

Gary Hosmer
Go Gators


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