Rude Week 15 NFL Picks

Dec 14, 2012 -- 2:09pm
Rude Picks for Week 15 games. How important is it to make a "statement" in the NFL? This isn't college football where every weekend is another beauty contest. Making a statement becomes increasingly more difficult with the level of parity in the NFL. Now, everybody seems to think the Falcons need to make a statement this weekend against the Giants. Do they? You realize that the Falcons can lose this game and still go on to win the Super Bowl?
This will be a fun weekend to watch...Look how many of the teams that have already clinched a playoff spot are facing teams in must win situations?

Giants at Falcons

Do the falcons need to win this game to prove they can win in the playoffs? The Giants NEED this win, it would be NICE for the Falcons. Do the Falcons need to make a "statement" in this game or do they just need to stay healthy, get to the playoffs and win at least one game? The Falcons are the number one seed, the Giants are playing their best football right now. The Falcons better come loaded for Bear, or in this case Giant.

Broncos at Ravens

Ravens O coordinator Cam Cameron got fired to make Matt Flacco happy. The Broncos are looking to wipe that smile off Flacco's face. A loss hear puts a lot of pressure on Flacco & Harbaugh. Can Flacco carry the team while the defense heals? I don't think so...Broncos

Packers at Bears

I'm putting my neck out on this one. The Packers will grab the NFC North this weekend against the Bears.

Redskins at Browns

Toss up game, don't wanna see RG3 risk further injury. If RG3 plays, I like the Redskins.

Colts at Texans

I think the TEXANS will win, but I'm pulling for the COLTS...Like the Falcons, the Texans don't have to win this one, but, if you believe that a professional athlete "making all that money" needs a confidence boost, then this is a must win for the Texans. After the beatdown last week against the Patriots, the Texans need a reason to fell good about themselves again.

Jaguars at Dolphins

Schedule pick it

Buccaneers at Saints

Some will argue that its a shame what Goodell and the NFL did to the Saints this year. All those Bountygate allegations, but nothing substantive? I'll take the Saints.

Vikings at Rams

How bout the job Jeff Fisher has done with the St Louis Rams? I'm gonna take the Rams at home with the hope that the win ensures a move back to Los Angeles where they belong.

Lions at Cardinals

I remember a time when Perry had the Cardinals ahead of the Niners this year. We actually argued about it. He told me "YOU DON'T KNOW! Harumph. I knew! Every year, it's the Cowboys, Chargers (Phillip Rivers), Bears with Cutler, Carson Palmer used to get thrown into that nonsense. This year, Arizona & Kansas City were the 2 big Bricks list busters. Oh sure, we all get caught up in the pre-season hype. Anywho, take the Lions and hope that Suh doesn't take out his pent-up aggressions on the Arizona QB. How do you think Aaron Murray would look in a Cardinals uniform?

Seahawks at Bills

Russell Wilson is too short to play in the NFL. Mark my words!! I'll take the Sea Hags.

Panthers at Chargers


Steelers at Cowboys

This game looked great on paper at the beginning of the season. The Steelers are still trying to clean up after the turd they dropped last week. The Cowboys always look good on paper before the season begins and then spend the rest of the season trying to keep that "window of opportunity" from slamming down on their fingers. Time for the Cowboys to collapse.

Chiefs at Raiders


49ers at Patriots

Do the Pats have anything left to prove? They won their Super Bowl last weekend against the Texans! I hope you don't really believe that? Can they look as impressive as they did last week against the Texans? The Patriots could very well be the team that's catching fire at the right time. If they lose, does that mean they caught fire too early? Kaepernick will feel the heat this weekend. Take the Pats at home.

Jets at Titans

Double check the standings. Are you sure the Jets have a shot at a Wild card birth...REALLY? That's horrible! No Mr Rude, that's Parity.


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