Radiohead & Jazz come to the Strand

Nov 02, 2012 -- 12:48pm
In the words of Frank Zappa "Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny."
Hello Chris -

First off, I enjoy your show most mornings on my very short commute (it's about 5-7 minutes for me). I especially enjoy it when you talk about the Braves - I am a big fan. A few days ago, I heard you mention Pat Metheny on the air. As a jazz fanatic, my ears perked up. I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but Atlanta has some world class jazz players. Many of them will be in concert at the Strand Theater on the square in Marietta on Saturday night. It is the Georgia Symphony Orchestra Jazz ensemble - under the direction of Sam Skelton. We are actually performing the "RadioHead Jazz Project." It is made up of some of the finest players in town (and they even let me sit in with the group - they're so kind!).

I know that you have many obligations with your sports gig, but if you were interested, I know the jazz community in Atlanta would love to have you mention this show on the air. Great jazz is getting harder and harder to find - some call it a dying art form. I certainly hope those who do are mistaken.

Keep up the good work -
Rob Opitz
Trumpet and Member, Georgia Symphony Orchestra Jazz Ensemble



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