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Oct 05, 2012 -- 6:48pm

Welcome to the Andretti Carting E-Mail Inbox.

My E-Mail address is Check out my Facebook nonsense at Christopher Rude or you can Tweet me @ChristopherRude or if you want to Tweet The Rude Awakening @680TRA. I love the diversity of the E-Mail that I receive. From complaints...


FYI- I turned off the radio when you started playing the rap song.



Now I'm guessing Darrell must really hate rap because the song he is referring to was parody song and if he'd hung in there for another 2 seconds he would have realized that the song had nothing to do with backing up one's rear-end. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Bret is a frequent contributor. Bret can be a little harsh at times, but I like Bret, he has passion mixed with a dab of sports anger. Bret is also a HUGE USC, L.A. RAMS fan. Yes, I said L.A. Hey, Bret I had to defend your Trojans this morning, YES, they got off to a bad start against Utah BUT like a championship caliber team on the road...bounced back and won the game. What I didn't say was I think they'd get killed by an SEC defense. I just hope we get the chance to see it. NOT of Oregon has anything to say about it!


its funny..they play a Thursday night tough road game…and people jam them up for winning by 10….keep in mind, that late td was a non factor and also utah scored 2 td's off fluke turnovers…so theoretically it was 38-14….lsu played a home game versus north texas and barely survived but you yahoos call it grinding out a victory. your sec bias is so pathetic it’s as funny as sandra being considered a sports talk show host.


Bret, leave Sandra alone! She's good people. Pick on Perry he's more your size! Well maybe

...and then we get E-Mail that really hits home. This is what makes what I do so rewarding. Growing up we managed to laugh our way through a lot of pain. I thank (or blame) my Mom for my sense of humor and views on life and the universe. Laughter, Entertainment (Music, Movies, TV, Sports) and a lot of love were always an important part of my life growing up and radio afforded me the opportunity to combine all of it. That's why this E-Mail from Jeff is so gratifying. Radio should be an escape. I always felt that if I could make someone laugh, or think, or take their minds off of those things in life that might be weighing them down (even for just a moment) then I was doing the job I set out to do. Jeff, thanks for taking the time to write. I appreciate your kind words and I look forward to meeting you and the kids! Enjoy the game. Go Braves!

Hello Rude,

my name is Jeff Nalley just wanted to tell you I've been listening to you since the 96 rock days. I know you hear a lot of crap being a celebrity and all but just wanted you to know how much you helped me survive the 90's.

my father and best friend got cancer in the early 90's and only lived 6 months and 8 days after it was discovered in his stomach and liver. Anyway just wanted to let you know back then my shift at the sheriff's office started at 6:00 a.m. we would start the day listening to you giving everyone some grief and laughter, especially this one girl named "Christy". also Andy Dupree among others.


I had listened to 96 rock since it started in the 70's and have always thought you were the best D.J. that ever turned a record for them , i suffered a lot during my Fathers illness and truthfully you were a bright spot in my day and i was able to laugh a little during the worst time of my life, I remember you bringing your son to work at times him talking on the radio.

I listen to you now every morning on the way in at around 6:15 you "give to everyone" just like the old days, never missing an opportunity to "gouge" at your partners on the air.


have wanted to drop you a note for a while now, just finally sat and did it.

maybe see ya'll tonight at the game. I now have 2 kids , Ethan 8 and Erin 12, both are avid Braves and Falcons fans and we attend a lot of games, so maybe I can get an autograph at one of the events if we run up on you.


be safe.

Jeff Nalley, " a true RUDE fan "


Capt.Jeff Nalley
Division Commander
Douglas County Sheriff's Office



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