AT THE MOVIES... The Conjuring **1/2

Jul 27, 2013 -- 5:14pm

(Guest blogger: Trent Laurentino) 


With James Wan [director of Saw and Insidious] at the helm of this highly anticipated horror piece, The Conjuring prevails as an emotionally captivating Summer thrill-ride. I was psyched going into this picture knowing that it was from Wan, and while The Conjuring does not have the creative mastery as Saw and Insidious did, it is a breath of fresh air considering most of the putrid so-called ‘scary movies’ put out today such as The Devil Inside and the and the hundreds of Paranormal flicks. It deals with the subject matter of Exorcism, which I have grown wearily accustomed to, however, The Conjuring deals with the material in a mature fashion, believable enough to the audience. The cinematography is terrific, the direction wonderful, and best of all, the actors actually have talent. A special nod must be given to Patrick Wilson [who I’ve always held a vendetta against having participated in the horrible adaptation of Watchmen] who is truly excellent as the protective father and husband in this film. As a horror piece, it seems to date back to some of the classics with apparent nods to Hitchcock’s The Birds and William Friedkin’s The Exorcist. And although it deals with some of the modern clichés beaten to death in today’s horror films, it’s hard to criticize when dealing with such a well-handled movie. Keep going the horror route Mr. Wan, better you than any more diarrhea from Dario Argento.

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