Man Of Steel

Jun 10, 2013 -- 12:04pm


There are 3 universal constants in the galaxy, death, taxes and Rafael Nadal winning the French Open. Sunday, with his straight set demolition of David Ferrer, Rafa captures Paris for an amazing 8thtime! He is now the only man to win a grand slam event eight times. His lifetime record at Roland Garros is 59-1. He has now won the French Open 4 straight times, twice!!!

I begin to run out of superlatives. Winning the most grueling major 8 times in 9 years? Seriously? Imagine Tiger Woods winning at The Masters eight times in nine years, that is what Rafa has accomplished in tennis.  Lets add to this that Nadal is coming off a 7 month layoff due to injury. Since his return his record is 43-2 with 7 titles and 2 runner ups. Oh, and he’s now won 22 straight matches. How to stop him? Try kryptonite.

Nadal’s major count is now at 12, he passes Bjorn Borg and Rod Laver, trailing only Sampras at 14 and Federer at 17. For 30 years I’ve always felt that Borg was the greatest clay court player of all time, until this physical freak from Mayorca came along. Nadal not only owns the most French titles, but in the 3 other big clay court events, he has won Monte Carlo 8 times, Barcelona 8 times and Italy 7 times. The guy should play with a cape on!!!

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