At The Movies 42 *** out of ****

Apr 17, 2013 -- 4:57pm


The film chronicles how Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947. It’s a resplendent tale of a true American hero who persevered thru blind idiotic hatred. While not a great film, it’s an uplifting story of a gallant man with the backdrop of our national pastime. The film only spans 2 years, Robinson’s one year in the minors and his initial campaign with the Brooklyn Dodgers. This is a must see for kids and todays younger generation, who have little or no idea what Jackie went thru. You’ll learn why he is not only baseball royalty but a cultural icon, instrumental to the civil rights movement.

  From a cinematic standpoint it’s a competent old school bio-pic, that I think works better as a teaching tool than a pure drama. Chadwick Boseman does a nice job of capturing Robinson’s personality and essence, although not fully developed, you do feel that he is Jackie. Harrison Ford, nearly unrecognizable, is Dodgers GM Branch Rickey, and he nearly steals the movie. Rickey was the visionary who  refused to accept the eras pervasive racial hatred. Indeed there are several scenes laced with vile and contemptible racial slurs that are difficult to watch. A well done baseball film and more it’s a snapshot of a seminal moment in American history. Inspirational and entertaining.

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