All Good Things.......

Mar 11, 2013 -- 2:51pm



Sports is a constant reminder that time marches on. It’s sad when a player like James Harrison gets cut because like shoelaces, great athletes erode. Harrison was one of my favorite players because like Greg Lloyd before him, he was one of the meanest, toughest, most intimidating players in the NFL. Harrison was due to make about 14 million the next 2 years, and the Steelers are up against the cap. Harrison’s play was slipping due to age and injury, his QB pressures the last 3 years went from 57 to 40 to 28 last year. The Steelers can’t be blamed for thinking that a 35 year old LB with a bad knee and back, won’t perform at an all-pro level again. Pittsburgh was justified in asking the player to take a pay cut, but Harrison was too defiantly proud. The thought now of him playing in a different uniform is sick making, like Emmitt Smith finishing his career in a Cardinal uniform. I’ve always felt the NFL should have a provision for vested veterans, that have played their entire careers with one team.  Lets  say at least 8 years with the same team, where a certain percentage of his salary{ 50 % ?} won’t count against the salary cap. It would reward the players loyalty, and spare the teams the negative pr hit for releasing a former star, and spare the player the indignity of being cut.

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