Dominance or parity?

Mar 01, 2013 -- 10:04am

Indiana shocked by Minnesota, Michigan stunned by Penn State, Florida staggered by Tennessee. It’s getting to the point in college basketball that I’m surprised when there isn’t a big upset on a nightly basis. Already this year the AP #1 team in the country has been beaten 7 times, and it will likely happen again. It is clear that this year there is no dominant team in college basketball. Every team has flaws that can be exposed. Anyone of about a dozen teams could potentially cut down the nets. This should make for some very interesting brackets in a couple of weeks

Compare that to the NBA, where it’s becoming rather obvious that it’s the Miami Heat and everyone else. They are sleep walking their way thru games, turning it up only when they have to, much like the Bulls of the 90’s. Miami not only has the best player in the world{Lebron}, they also possess the best second option in Dwayne Wade. Remember, last year the Heat won the title with Wade on one leg. Since mid January Wade looks like his old self, which is a top 5 NBA player. He’s shooting over 54% from the floor, something he’s never done before, so much for him being in decline. Surrounding these two are a plethora of 3 point shooters including all time great Ray Allen. Miami’s offense is light years better than last year and when fully engaged, they can play lockdown, suffocating defense.It seems that the rest of the NBA season will be a battle for second place. The Miami Death Star is indeed, fully operational.

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