Super Bowl Prediction

Feb 04, 2013 -- 9:55am

I have a conundrum when looking into the crystal ball for the game today. I’ve have a pretty good record in the postseason this year going 8-2 thus far. Anyone who listens knows that I’m big into the individual physical matchups as I examine games. This is where my problem arises with respect to todays tilt.

Historically, I will choose who I feel is the better more talented team. The 49ers have obviously been that. If you look at both teams regular seasons, S.F. has been the superior and more consistent group.They should win, and quite possibly win decisively. Yet every fiber of my being tells me that the Ravens will find a way to win. This is really difficult for me because I roll my eyes when I hear someone say, “ I have a feeling that x team will win”. Don’t give me feelings, give me facts!

It’s hard to explain, call it belief, confidence or momentum, but to me, the Ravens have “ it” this year. Whatever “it” is. The Giants had it last year, the Colts had it in 2006, the Steelers had it in 2005. Those are all teams that won despite not fielding their best teams. It just seemed that it was their year. That is the sense I get with this years Ravens club. Not their most talented club, last years team was better, but their collective spirit this year seems indomitable.

I believe it’s a Raven year, maybe a big play from Paul Kruger, Haloti Ngata or Anquan Boldin. The 49ers were the better team all year, but the Ravens are playing the best right now. Final Score Ravens 23 49ers 20


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