DVD Pick of the Week DREDD *** out of 4 stars

Jan 09, 2013 -- 7:01pm


The latest adaptation of the famed comic book, featuring the fearless lawman, who serves as judge,jury and executioner. Dredd is a vast improvement to the silly and lousy 1995 Slyvester Stallone led Judge Dredd. This installment,directed by Pete Travis, is much closer the the original source material, both grim and realistic. Karl Urban plays Judge Dredd, who is paired with a rookie telepathic partner, Anderson{played by Olivia Thirlby}. They both get trapped in a 200 story concrete highrise run by the films villain Ma-Ma, a scar faced prostitute turned drug lord played by Lena Headey , the hot mom from the Sarah Connor Chronicles. And she is one vicious hoe! She produces and peddles a drug,”slow-mo” that makes the user feel as if time is passing at 1% of normal speed.

  It’s a really great looking film, the combination of light, hues and form is visually impressive. The graphic violence throughout comes across more as art than gratuitous gore. It is indeed rare when decapitation and evisceration, and there is plenty, seem elegant and pretty.

 About the only thing I didn’t like was the helmet that Urban wears, it looks too much like a Boba Fett rippoff. That aside, Dredd is a well paced violent and suspenseful thriller. A good fun watch. 

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