Movie Review SKYFALL *** ˝ out of 4 stars

Nov 26, 2012 -- 12:48pm


I knew this would be a different Bond film when Sam Mendes signed on to direct. Mendes is a talent of considerable gravitas, having steered Road To Perdition and American Beauty. This Bond entry, no. 23 in the series, is among the best. The film is less escapism and more serious, dark, intelligent and emotional. I think I am going to start to refer to this as the “ Chris Nolan Effect”. Once again, Daniel Craig is outstanding. He has now logged 3 films and I am ready to place him # 2 all time as Bond, behind the great Sean Connery. Judi Dench as M, has a major role in the film, and her chemistry with Craig is captivating. Their characters professional relationship is explored thoughtfully, as well as their commonalities. Have they both grown too old? Javier Bardem is the villain , more bent on personal revenge than your typical Bond  bad guy. Bardem’s choices in the film make for a rather unusual  mastermind criminal. The film visually is the best in years, it treats the source material with reverence,

including a re-appearance of the iconic Aston Martin from Goldfinger , which, like the film, looks great. Bond enthusiasts will love this movie, it respects and rejuvenates the series. 3rdbest Bond film on my list, behind From Russia With Love and Goldfinger.

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