NFL HARDKNOCKS {musings and observations from 14 hours of Sunday viewing}

Nov 08, 2012 -- 7:26pm

NFL HARDKNOCKS {musings and observations from 14 hours of Sunday viewing}

Packers 31 Cardinals 17  In the last couple of games Aaron Rogers 13 tds 1 int , and the interception was the receivers fault. He is just scary accurate with the football right now. Randall Cobb is becoming a huge weapon , he returns kicks and punts and catches td passes. Green Bay is starting to run the ball better, Rogers and a running game will keep d-coordinators up at night. Clay Mathews out with bad hamstring for a while is a concern. Green Bay allowed John Skelton to throw for 286 yds including 5 drops, sound the alarms.

Panthers 31 Redskins 13  This game turned when after a long drive, Washington goes for it 4thand goal from the 1 yard line. RGIII gets stopped on a sweep, way too predictable. Subsequent to the goaline stand, the inspired Panthers went 99 for a td before the end of the half. Shannahan in 2 goaline situations did not trust his qb to throw the ball into the endzone. This must stop, RGIII continues to take too many shots, if you have read previous installments you know I have been writing this virtually every week. This will not end well. Cam Newton played well, but I wish he would stop posing after 1stdowns, win then celebrate.

Lions 31 Jaguars 14  The final score of this game was in no way indicative of how awful the Jags looked. About the nicest thing I can say about Jacksonville is that I liked the all black uniforms. Mike Mularky’s offense right now is pathetic. Their 1stround draft pick WR Blackmon can’t consistently beat man coverage, drops balls and gives up on routes. He appears to be another in a series of WR busts for the Jags.Jacksonville’s total offense in the first quarter was 13 yards. At the half the Lions had 3 td’s the Jags has 3 first downs. Gabbert throwing up lollipop interceptions, constant illegal procedure penalties, they are just a pitiful offensive team. I ridiculed Spurrier a week ago for suggesting that Alabama could beat an NFL team, after watching the Jaguars I may have to recalibrate.

Bears 51 Titans 20  First play of the game the Titans fumble, which sets the tone for the entire quarter. Then they have a punt blocked for a TD. Then a pick 6 by Urlacher. Then a fumble by Chris Johnson. The result 28-2 after 1 quarter, game over. 4 Forced fumbles by Charles Tillman in 1 football game, AMAZING!

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